Sungate 600


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Sungate 600 glass is designed to help homes retain furnace and solar heat, especially in cold, Northern climates. From PPG Industries, the glass features a pyrolitic coating developed specifically for application on the exposed room-side (No. 4) surface of an insulating glass unit. The coating is durable because it is chemically bonded to the glass while it is still molten, and its star-crystalline structure gives Sungate 600 glass a smooth surface that cleans more easily than most other pyrolitic coated glasses, the manufacturer points out. Placing the glass on the most interior surface of an IG unit optimizes its ability to trap heat from the furnace and winter sun, which can keep living spaces warmer and reduce energy consumption during the coldest months of the year. The glass was developed for use with the manufacturer's Solarban coated glasses to achieve R-5 insulating value without the need for triple-glazing. When Sungate 600 coated glass on the No. 4 surface is combined with Solarban 60 coated glass and separated by ½-inch, argon-gas-filled space, the resulting IGU delivers a winter nighttime U-value of 0.20, the company reports.