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Capable of increasing throughput by more than 50 percent, the TAPE MT1500 line enables IG fabricators to produce between 1,400 and 1,600 units per shift on a single line. From Besten Inc., the new equipment layout pairs two spacer applicators in a single line. Parallel processing with two applicators greatly improves efficiency and prepares fabricators for a future that will likely require higher-volume triple-pane IG unit production, the supplier states.  The second spacer applicator on the line is the primary driver for increased throughput, but the equipment also incorporates new Camera Squaring technology on the applicator head to reduce cycle time. When a lite of glass stops beneath one of the two applicators, the digital camera snaps a picture and the equipment instantly adjusts for the location of the lite on the application bed. Spacer application starts immediately thereafter, saving time in the spacer trace cycle and allowing for more units to be produced per shift, the company explains. The equipment is compatible with Truseal Technologies’ Dura Platform flexible spacer systems.