Exofol FX Film



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Exofol FX decorative color and woodgrain films for vinyl profiles replace the former Fast product line from American Renolit.  With the new brand name comes serveral enhancements. Made with a unique three layer construction, the film line's polymethyl methacrylate base layer includes Solar Shield Technology, a transparent top middle layer of PMMA and a transparent top layer  of polyvinyl fluoride film. The transparent layers allow infrared rays to pass through while the special solar shield pigments in the base film reflect them. This offers protection to the film, the glue line and the window profile that will last many years, according to the company.  The low surface tension of the PVDF protective layer safeguards against dirt, chemicals and environmental pollutants. It also makes the finish resilient to abuse—even graffiti can easily be cleaned without any damage to the film surface, the supplier reports.  Also new on the line of vinyl profile laminate films is a new primer application on the back, which provides for easy processing and has improved the strength of the lamination bond.