Window Recycling System


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The hamos WRS complete PVC window recycling system removes contamination such as rubber, plasticized PVC, wood, metal, glass and other foreign substances from ground PVC automatically, the manufacturer states. The flexible design of the line enables processing of off-cuts from both PVC profiles and also from used windows. Due to the high quality and purity of the window regrind produced, this recycled PVC material can be easily introduced into processing of new plastic window profiles, the supplier notes.  At the line's core, EKS electrostatic plastics separators free shredded and dust-free window regrind from rubber and other contaminants automatically using the different electrostatic charges on rigid PVC compared with rubber, plasticized PVC and other substances. Achieving about 99.5 percent purity after this separation stage, downline optoelectronic color sorting equipment separates out the small amount of remaining rubber particles and possible coloured contaminants from the regrind. Processing of used windows requires additional shredding and separation techniques first, including the company's KWS electrostatic metal separator, which separates out even very fine non-ferrous metal particles (aluminium, stainless steel, etc.) and other conductive materials, as well as wood splinters. The company also supplies material logistics system needed for fully automatic operation, it notes.