SecuraSeal Patio Door


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Instead of the common single- or dual‐point lock found on most sliding patio doors, the SecuraSeal sliding patio door features a dual-sided 76-inch continuous locking system integrated into the door design, the manufacturer states.  From Haddon Windows & Doors, the new door is deisgned to provide increased security for one of the most vulnerable entry points into a home, where common break-in methods include “lifting” the sash, jimmying or jiggling the patio sash, prying open the latch with a screwdriver or unscrewing exposed external screws. The new locking system thwarts lifting, tilting, prying and nearly all of the popular forced entry methods, according to the company.  The doors are constructed with a MikronWood composite frame, which complements the locking system to provide enhanced security, as well as providing energy efficiency. Options include a variety of high performance glass packages, hardware in a range of finish choices, and a stainable, real wood interior. Doors are offered in standard 5-foot and 6-foot widths, as well as custom sizes.  Two-, three- and four-panel models are available.