Integrated Automation Systems

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From Integrated Automation Systems, the FastGas high-speed, argon-only gas filling system enables operators to fill standard IG units in less than 15 seconds, according to the equipment supplier. FastGas uses patent-pending Twin Turbo technology to fill insulating glass made with any spacer system precisely, rapidly and reliably. FastGas is said to provide 100 percent argon retention, as the fill is done on the top edge. A single operator running a FastGas machine with two stations can keep pace with the fastest Intercept insulating glass production line, company officials report. When paired with the ThermalCHECK gas-filling quality-control unit, operators can fill and verify the gas content of IG at the speed of production. The ThermalCHECK desktop quality-control system mixes and then directly measures the gas content in IG air spaces in real time. ThermalCHECK does not estimate or interpolate, and users do not have to wait a day for the gas to settle to get an accurate reading, according to the supplier.