Premier 78 Alu Mira

Intus Windows

Ph: 888/380-9940

Intus Windows introduced the Premier 78 Alu Mira Advanced triple-pane wood window, featuring a high-density composite foam material integrated into a pine wood window frame, and an aluminum clad exterior frame. An extrusion allows both the wood and aluminum to thermally expand and contract independently of each other. The triple-pane glass has a U-value of 0.088, and when combined with the insulated wood frame, produces a window assembly with a U-value of 0.14, or an R-value of R-7. The triple-pane windows are filled with argon gas for improved thermal performance and can accommodate 56-millimeter-thick glazing. Additional features include triple gasket weatherstripping for air tightness and warm-edge spacers that increase the glass surface temperature and reduce condensation on the glass. Numerous SHGC options are available based on climate and design goals. The pine wood frames are available with either water-based or lacquer finishes. Different hardware choices are also available.