All Weather Windows: Horizon 7100 Slider Series

All Weather Windows

Ph: 780/451-0670

The Horizon 7100 series from All Weather Windows is a slider and single-hung high-performing window that features a 4 ½-inch frame and PVC Vinyl with Renolit color on sash and frame. With SDL and grille options, 1 ½- and 2-inch renovation brickmould and triple-pane glazing, the series offers a beveled sash with triple-fin weatherstripping, interior glazing, jamb extensions of 4 ½ and 6 ½ inches, and custom sizes.

Energy-Efficient Attributes: Triple-pane glazing and a true ½-inch air space provides more insulation and lowers heating costs, according to the company, which reports that the window has virtually no condensation and an excellent sound barrier. Its low U-value of 0.32 BTU (1.82 W) keeps temperatures more consistent. The third pane provides another layer of optional low-emissivity and/or SunStop coatings that is said to reduce heat loss.