Pivot Door from Solar Innovations

Solar Innovations


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The Solar Innovations pivot door system provides an ideal solution for large openings with projection restrictions, the manufacturer reports. The pivot doors can accommodate 60-inch-wide openings―or larger with engineering approval―and project just 48 inches from the jamb when outfitted with a 12-inch offset pivot. The doors are available in single- or double-door configurations, and feature an offset pivot that is normally located between 7 inches to 12 inches from the jamb of the door, allowing the door to pivot in and out based around this vertical axis. The doors are designed to match the sightlines of other Solar Innovations products and feature an aluminum frame that  is durable, thermally broken, resistant to the elements, and requires little finish maintenance, according to the supplier. Insulated, tempered glass is standard, but impact glass is also available for units located along the coast. Solar plans to test a 5-foot-wide by 10-foot-tall pivot door for impact certification in fourth quarter 2013.