Cheatah Door Installation Tool


Ph: 218/838-6195

Designed to provide a better way to install doors, the Cheatah tool simply clicks onto the door (prior to installation) to show the level/plumb of the door as well as maintain the proper reveal on each side during installation, the supplier explains. From JenTra Tools, the device features uses a fold-down-spacer that allows it fit on both 1⅜- and 1¾-inch doors. Eliminating the need to juggle 6-foot levels or attempting to balance a door into place while trying to keep everything square, the tool works on interior and exterior doors, residential and commercial doors, single or double doors, and inswing or outswing doors, according to the company. The tool can also be used on doors with brickmould or cladding, doors with sidelites or transoms, doors with applied casing, swing patio doors, and doors with split jambs.