Solarban 67 from PPG

PPG Industries

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PPG Industries introduced Solarban 67 solar control, low-E glass for the residential market. Launched earlier this year for commercial building applications, Solarban 67 glass is formulated with a proprietary double-silver, magnetron-sputtered vacuum deposition coating that combines solar-control performance and a clear neutral-glass appearance that reflects the true timbre and brightness of ambient light and color, according to the manufacturer. In a standard ¾-inch insulating glass unit with clear glass and a ½-inch air space, Solarban 67 glass provides visible light transmittance of 55 percent and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.29, PPG reports. Solarban 67 glass also has exterior reflectance of 19 percent, which enhances its ability to reflect true-to-life color, and interior reflectance of 16 percent, which provides excellent outdoor views and a more comfortable living environment for homeowners, the company  notes.