Frontier version 2.2

Friedman Corp.

Ph: 847/948-7180

Frontier version 2.2 features an updated user interface, and offers such additional functionality as advanced order-promising, scrap and rework processing, planned work order regeneration, order number expansion, and consolidated purchasing. From Friedman Corp., the supplier of ERP software for make-to-order manufacturers in the building industry, the new version also features improvements to the license distribution process and iProducts, its Web-based interface, is now fully integrated across all databases. The upgrade includes the addition of business unit security. Seven modules that were previously add-ons have been rolled into the new version, including: iDispatch, PCM Workbench, PCM Visualizer, Project Tracker, Service Manager, Configuration Data Layer, and Advanced Manufacturing Execution. Finally, the supplier notes, the code base of the program, RPG, has been completely migrated to RPG IV, enabling it to take significant future advantage of the capabilities of the IBM iSeries, its preferred platform.