Dow Window & Door

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A portfolio of integrated solutions from Dow Building Solutions addresses the entire window and door opening, and all products are fully compatible with each other. When used together, the system is designed to complement and protect windows and doors and the surrounding assemblies and fenestration openings to create an effective seal of protection, helping to prevent unwanted and costly air infiltration and exfiltration. It reduces drafts, water intrusion and helps control dust, exterior allergens and insects. The portfolio of products includes Weathermate sill pan and door pan, Weathermate Straight and Flexible flashing, Great Stuff Pro window and door insulating foam sealant and Dow Window & Door 1000 sealant, the newest offering. All of Dow’s fenestration products are compatible with all common types of window and door substrates— vinyl, wood and metal. In addition, they are compatible with many surrounding wall assembly substrates, including OSB, foam board and housewrap.