G2 International Window System from Solar Innovations

Solar Innovations Inc.


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Solar Innovations Inc. introduced the G2 International Window System, designed to reduce cooling loads, and provide energy conservation and design flexibility. The framing system is thermally enhanced by a fill and debridge method, separating the interior and exterior portions of the frame. The window utilizes low-E coated glass to prevent solar heat gain and thermal conductivity, as well as stainless steel spacers. Argon and Krypton glass fills are also available to further enhance the window system’s performance. Customers can incorporate numerous window configurations into one unit: tilt turn, casement, French casement, zero siteline, awning, fixed and hopper windows. Solar Innovations designed the G2 system with a mulling feature that allows all of the windows to be contained within a single frame while maintaining consistent sightlines. The 3-foot by 6-foot tilt turn, casement, awning, fixed and hopper models are currently being impact tested. When the testing is complete, the G2 International Window System will be certified with a minimum design pressure of +/- 65 PSF, according to the supplier.