Geneo Tilt-Turn from Rehau


Ph: 800/247-9445

Rehau reports the Geneo tilt-turn window design is the industry’s first fully reinforced polymer window profile system available without the use of steel components. Geneo profiles feature Rau-Fipro, a proprietary fiber composite material similar to that employed in aerospace and racing vehicles for its outstanding strength and load capacities, Rehau reports. Rau-Fipro fiber-composite material and unique Geneo profile design combine to achieve U-values down to 0.13, STC ratings up to 45 and forced-entry resistance of Grade 20. In addition, these profiles feature a patented integrated reinforcement system, with screw channels and additional lateral stiffening.  The slim-lined profiles promote generous glass surface exposure while the absence of steel reinforcement eliminates heat bridges typically caused by integrated metal parts, according to Rehau. With an integrated 3 3/8-inch frame depth, multiple chambers and triple-pane insulating glazing, Geneo helps to achieve building energy targets, including those required by the German Passivhaus standard.