Advantage Trio


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The Advantage Trio line of adhesives helps wood window manufacturers put together their own products. From Franklin International, the line features Advantage 415 is a highly water-resistant, two-part crosslinking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive that can be used for finger jointing, edge gluing, hot pressing and radio frequency gluing. When mixed with aluminum chloride, the product surpasses both ASTM D 5572 wet-use finger joint and ASTM D 5751 wet-use edge glue standard. These standards are the basis for Hallmark Certification, the supplier points out. Offering the longest open time of any of Franklin’s adhesives designed for window parts, it is said to be ideal for intricate window designs. Advantage 425, another highly water-resistant, two-part crosslinking PVA emulsion adhesive, is one of the highest performing finger joint products, and is extremely easy to extrude, provides good finger coverage and also features a low minimum use temperature, the supplier notes The third product is Advantage EP-925, a two-component emulsion polymer isocyanate adhesive that can be used with conventional cold or hot press equipment and has been enhanced to provide superior performance with radio frequency press equipment.