Solaris Product Line Highlights

        Solaris SolarStar double-hung windows combine elegance and strength. Characterized by a fusion-welded flat sill with a 10-degree slope and a balance system inswing, SolarStar provides for smooth, easy operation. Solaris' double-hung windows make maintenance and cleaning easier due to inward-opening sashes.
  The Myriade door is made entirely of PVC, providing optimal thermal efficiency and protection against sagging, rusting, warping and swelling.
  The Solarstar awning and casement series features a unique design, available in a 4 5/8-inch frame depth. The series provides a recessed sash located within the insulated part of the wall.
  The Terrace patio door from Solaris is available with three different handle finishes.
  The SolarStar Series offers beauty and superior design, according to the supplier.
  Solaris products are made to fit each home's unique design, company officials report.
  Solaris will mix and match products, as well as add color, to satisfy the customer's design aesthetic.

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