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  • “I don’t have time to improve my business.”

    I’ve never heard anyone say that, have you? What I have heard, year after year at GlassBuild America, is why taking a few days away from your business improves your business.Yes, you’re busy.Yes, you’re short-handed.No, you haven’t seen it all before.Everything you read below is something I’ve heard many times over from our trade show attendees. If you need more ... more »
  • June 11, 2019
    THE TALK...

    6 Tips to Make Your Crystal Achievement Awards Nomination Shine

    What makes an outstanding product? User friendliness? Efficiency? Good value? Longevity? Any number of those variables and more come into play when dubbing a product as standing out from the pack.  In recognition of outstanding products, Window & Door is pleased to accept nominations for the 20th annual Crystal Achievement Awards through this Friday, June 14. Click here to access the ... more »
  • How to Win at Marketing

    Your business is on trial; you need a capable attorney
    Editor’s Note: Rich Harshaw is the keynote speaker at this year’s Window & Door Dealer Day, held Monday, Sept. 16, in Atlanta. Click here to find out more about the event and to register.  Last week, I wrote about how Brian Elias has the whole marketing arena figured out in our remodeling space. I also laid out the six functions that businesses need to figure out in order ... more »
  • Six Keys to a Thriving Business

    Editor’s Note: Rich Harshaw is the keynote speaker at this year’s Window & Door Dealer Day, held Monday, Sept. 16 in Atlanta. Click here to find out more about the event and to register.I’ve met exactly one marketing genius in the remodeling industry since I began specializing in remodeling marketing in 2005. His name is Brian Elias, the charismatic owner of Hansons ... more »
  • Chasing Daylight

    The “indoor generation” is opening its windows and doors to re-introduce daylight into everyday life and enjoy its benefits
    For several years, I worked in an interior office with nothing but a buzzing fluorescent light to illuminate my space. After buckling down on a project for hours, I was always surprised when I emerged, looked out someone else’s window and saw it was snowing. Or storming. Or that it was a rare Chicago picture-perfect day. I’m now fortunate enough to work from a home office in rural ... more »
  • The Biophilia Trend

    Manufacturers need to be ready with the right products to meet changing needs
    Keeping your finger on the pulse of modern home design trends is important if you’re in the window and door industry. So where are people’s heads these days?I wasn’t too surprised to see that “window walls” were one of the top picks in a recent Houzz trends piece. While the write-up credits increasingly efficient cabinet design with enabling designers and ... more »
  • Vinyl Trends

    Factory tours suggest color, variety and efficiency are leading the industry
    Little did I know when I started at Window & Door that the Pittsburgh area is jam-packed with manufacturers in the fenestration industry. In April, I was welcomed to two local-to-me plants. I visited Thermal Windows & Doors in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, which introduced vinyl windows to the U.S. in the 1960s, Dave Steinberg, director of sales and marketing, told me.  I also ... more »
  • Google My Business Page

    Claim it, update it, benefit from it
    Google My Business is a free online tool that is super easy to use and can help increase any business’s online marketing performance. Still, many companies have yet to claim their business profile on Google.To put this awesome online marketing tool to work, click here. From this page, users can claim a business and, at the very least, make sure everything on the company’s page is ... more »
  • 3 Tips to Capture Better Leads

    Extreme Lead Generation conference offers actionable takeaways
    Two weeks ago, I attended Professional Remodeler magazine’s Extreme Lead Generation conference. The Window & Door Dealers Alliance was proud to be a partner of this industry event focused on lead generation tools and tactics for home builders and professional remodelers. The energetic and fast-paced programming kept attendees engaged and offered actionable takeaways on topics ... more »
  • The Ongoing Importance of Certified Products

    If you think back to the formative years of vinyl windows in the U.S., we had our share of performance challenges to overcome. Particularly in hot climates like Florida or Arizona, weathering and yellowing due to high temperatures and UV exposure were major issues that caused some significant degradation and product deformation. These issues put a stain on the industry, especially considering ... more »