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  • April 25, 2012
    THE TALK... | Management

    Will Customers Tolerate Price Increases?

    In preparing for my moderator role at this week’s Fenestration Manufacturers Conference—taking place right now in Pensacola Beach, Fla.—I participated in several conference calls with organizers to polish up our agenda. One of the topics of discussion we explored was raw material price increases and whether or not the market can sustain increases rippling through the supply ... more »
  • Are You Still Working on Green?

    With Earth Day coming, I thought I would turn my attention to green. In surfing the internet on the subject, I came across a a small business report on American Express's Open Forum that suggests that consumers are opting for green products less due to the weak economy, but companies continue to move in a greener direction.  The reason companies are embracing green, it suggests, is that ... more »
  • April 11, 2012
    THE TALK... | Markets & Trends

    What Will You Do with Your Tax Refund?

    It a little less than a week, the 2012 deadline for filing your income taxes will be upon us. Always a fun day to look forward to, isn’t it?I read an article that says more than half of Americans plan to use this year’s refund to pay bills. Some people will take vacations, participate in leisure activities or buy gifts with their refunds, the survey says, but a majority of ... more »
  • April 3, 2012
    THE TALK... | Markets & Trends

    Is the Fiberglass Window Market Poised for Growth?

    This week's news announcement from James Hardie and Teel Plastics doesn't say too much about windows and doors, but the story suggests we could have huge new player in the window and door industry.  A $1.25 billion building products company like James Hardie could have an especially big impact on the fiberglass segment of the industry.Fiberglass accounted for about 3.5 percent of the 2011 ... more »
  • March 27, 2012
    THE TALK...

    Are You Serving More Small Builders?

    I came across an article recently from a Delaware newspaper that points out that smaller builders are making a comeback with the housing market as it begins to show signs of life. While we still have a long path to travel in terms of the housing market’s recovery, the article notes that smaller builders are getting busier and reporting that business has picked up quite a bit this ... more »
  • Would You Like to See a Passive House Standard?

    Greetings from Germany, where Fensterbau, the world's biggest window and door trade fair, kicks off a four-day run today.  A leading topic of conversation here–judging by labels on windows and signs in booths–is the Passivhaus Institut.  The organization has a whole-house standard, designed to bring energy consumption down to neglible levels, and apparently windows ... more »
  • March 14, 2012
    THE TALK... | Markets & Trends

    Will We See the Release of Pent-Up Demand?

    Maybe it’s the mild weather or the impact of daylight savings on our evening hours, but I’m feeling a swell of optimism and momentum in terms of the economic recovery. After years and years of negative headlines, the media is finally finding more positive things to say about the economy.In fact, a recent blog posted to U.S. News & World Report shares that the home improvement ... more »
  • Should the Industry Push Back Against the FTC?

    This week, the Window & Door Manufacturers Association is in Washington, D.C., with members making the industry's priorities known to legislators and regulators. The hot topics continue to be the Environmental Protection Agency's lead paint rules and tax credits for energy efficient products.In contrast, the recent FTC action against five window companies has been greeted ... more »
  • February 28, 2012
    THE TALK...

    Are You Confident in Your Claims?

    Last week's announcement from the FTC that it has reached a settlement with several window companies regarding their claims about the energy efficiency savings provided by their products does not come as a complete shock.  Ever since the Washington State attorney general's crackdown on window dealers, industry lawyers have been warning other window and door companies to take a close ... more »
  • February 15, 2012
    THE TALK... | Markets & Trends

    Can a Window be an iPad?

    About a year ago, we highlighted a Corning video entitled "A Day Made of Glass" and asked the question, Will You Sell Touchscreen Windows and Door?  It turned out to be one of the most viewed pages of our website last year.So when someone told me about another video, a demonstration of Samsung's Transparent Smart Window from the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show, I decided I had to ... more »