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  • July 12, 2016
    THE TALK... | Operations

    Going Digital

    In order to stay relevant, it seems companies have to be willing to go digital, especially given the younger generations roaming around with Apple products in hand, expecting accessible information at the swipe of a finger. But, the window and door industry seems to be lagging behind in some areas.For one, there are still many steps within the selling process that rely heavily on handwritten ... more »
  • June 28, 2016
    THE TALK... | Markets & Trends

    Potential Impacts of Brexit

    What the UK’s divorce from the EU could mean for the fenestration industry
    Last week, a new term was added to our vocabulary: Brexit. On June 23, UK voters weighed in on whether it should leave the European Union; a marginal 52 percent majority of the vote to leave won the referendum. In this thorough breakdown of the referendum, the BBC reported that the voter turnout was the highest for a UK-wide vote since 1992.As an immediate result of the referendum and British ... more »
  • June 21, 2016
    THE TALK... | Management

    Developing Relationships

    When I think about relationships, I first think about the bond I have with my immediate family. Undoubtedly, these three individuals forge the most significant and meaningful relationship in my life. I can only assume that the rest of the world also sees relationships through this familial lens.As I’ve matured, I have discovered that I tend to value relationships with everyone else ... more »
  • It’s Now Easier to Provide Consumer Warranties

    Did you know a new law is making it easier for a warrantor to effectively communicate its warranty to consumers? This change in the law is designed to protect consumers but may very well influence the law for sales of non-consumer products.The E-Warranty Act amends the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a federal statute that mandates requirements for warranties provided for consumer products. ... more »
  • Competitive Research

    Tracking the competition could help boost your local rankings
    Former U.S. President Herbert Hoover called competition "the incentive to progress." It might seem like a little less incentive would be handy when you're dealing with heavy local competition, but understanding your competitors is actually incredibly valuable. Competitive research is critical to success, particularly when it comes to search engine optimization.   Organic local ... more »
  • May 31, 2016
    THE TALK... | Management

    Attitude and Aptitude over Experience

    If you read any trade newsletters or magazines, you’ve seen the positive news and forecasts for industry growth over the next couple of years. You’ve probably seen equal coverage on the need for skilled labor to support this growth, with dealers and manufacturers focusing on experience, education and certifications of potential new hires. However, finding individuals with ... more »
  • Website Photography

    What you don’t know about your website photographs might cost you
    Imagine you come into the office one spring day and find a letter on your desk from an attorney. The letter claims you are using his client’s photograph on your website without permission—either pay several thousand dollars or risk a six-figure lawsuit.Is the claim is legitimate? Your website may have hundreds of pictures, the majority of which came from a manufacturer’s ... more »
  • May 17, 2016
    THE TALK... | Segments

    Door Dealers

    Out of curiosity, I did a random Google search for “door and window dealers.” My search results all displayed the two words in reverse, defaulting to “window and door dealers” instead. No surprise, really. Windows seem to always trump doors. That’s just how we—and consumers—are programmed.   Does this mean that window replacement is a better ... more »
  • May 10, 2016
    THE TALK...

    Seven Tips for a Notable Nomination

    Window & Door magazine is now accepting entries for the Crystal Achievement Awards through May 27. This prestigious awards program provides manufacturers the opportunity to highlight their most innovative products and practices. While there are many outstanding achievements worthy of recognition, it’s important to realize that the nomination must reflect the creativity and ... more »
  • Quality Management

    Everyone wants to deliver quality—whether in terms of products or installation. Today, there is an increasing focus on developing front-end quality-control procedures as critical steps to meeting end goals. Documenting these early quality evaluations is essential.   The North American Fenestration Standard/Specification and its prior individual standards always required fenestration ... more »