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Highmark's One-Cut Service
The Jamb-Scan door imaging unit capture the exact dimensions of the door frame and key components, including any imperfections, in seconds.

One-Cut Service

HighMark Digital Corp.

Mountain View, Calif.

Replacing doors into existing openings has long been complicated and created challenges for even skilled contractors. Combining the latest technology in digital measuring and a door-machining center, the One-Cut system simplifies the process and allows entry and interior doors to be installed into existing door openings easily and inexpensively.

Information on the existing opening is collected using the Jamb-Scan door imaging unit, which uses special software to quickly and accurately capture the exact dimensions of the door frame and key components, including any imperfections or structural variations. The device captures the 3D measurements in seconds, and the existing door never has to be removed for measuring.

Information from the Jamb-Scan unit is transferred electronically to a One-Cut machine center. The CNC machine uses that information to custom mill the new door to match with the existing frame. With an accuracy down to 1/64th of an inch, the machine produces doors that fit into existing openings quickly and easily, with an even reveal even if the existing jamb is severely bowed. Hinges and lockset bore and holes align perfectly with the existing jamb. The door machine produces a unit that allows anyone, regardless of their level of expertise, to replace a door within minutes. Homeowners get a new, pre-finished door that closes right the first time.

The system allows homeowners, as well as hotels, condominiums and apartments to avoid the mess of the pre-hung process. Moreover, they no longer have to go extended periods of time without doors in the jambs waiting for a cut and match service to be completed, which is a system commonly used in the industry.

Developed by professionals in the new door and door replacement markets, the system provides new opportunities for many types of companies in the industry. The scanning unit and other software can be used by a variety of retailers, including installed sales companies, home centers, or lumberyards. The One-Cut door machining center can be owned by the retailer or by door distributors supplying numerous retailers. The system was built to be very flexible and scalable for a variety of business models.

With door replacement becoming a simpler, more cost effective options, the supplier predicts that the overall door industry should see significant incremental growth as a result of this technology.


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