• Entry Door Components
    GPI offers solutions to door threshold and window water leakage: a level and sloped sill pan. Made from high weather-resistant PVC, they can be cut to the threshold opening and completed with butyl adhesive end caps. These patent pending designs incorporate a flat base to aid in installation and improve water drainage away from the opening. more »
  • Entry Door Components
    GPI’s patent pending advancement in sill design utilizes a base constructed of high performance thermal resistant material which can be fitted with one of the company’s custom sill caps to suit either in-swing, out-swing or a high performance out-swing configuration. Additionally, door width cut-downs are said to be made easy with the solid sill base, which can reduces inventory SKUs... more »
  • Patio Doors
    LaCantina offers its new Contemporary Clad doors. This new material option features a 2 15/16-inch narrow stile and rail profile to maximize glass and light. With 2 1/4-inch thick panels made of LVL core construction and high-quality extruded aluminum, it offers a clean aesthetic and profile options that complement contemporary and traditional architectural style. In-stock color options include... more »
  • Windows
    Weather Shield Windows & Doors showcases its new Contemporary Collection, a suite of Premium Series windows and doors with narrow profile frames and sash for a more modern appearance and more exposed glass than standard Premium Series products. The products have more of a minimalistic appearance, with narrower stiles and rails, streamlined hardware, and trendier interior and exterior... more »
  • Other Products & Services
    EDTM will display its line of instruments and sales kits for the window industry at the IBS Show in Las Vegas. The company’s new Infrared Camera & Lifetiles Sales Kit combines several tools to create a virtual reality demonstration of window energy efficiency. The demonstration includes an inexpensive Infrared (IR) camera, Lifetile temperature targets, a heat lamp, various window... more »
  • Entry Doors
    Designed with flat panels, the 3-Panel Shaker door, on display at IBS 2015, brings classic and modern aesthetics together with classic lines of a wood door mixed with the durability of molded panel engineering, the exhibitor says. Modeled after a wood Stile and Rail door, the 3-Panel door incorporates witness lines into the design. TADA compliant, the 3-Panel Shaker Interior door offering... more »