• Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The Erdman High Speed Dura Line produces insulated glass nearly twice as fast as a traditional IG line. Required labor is three to four operators per 1,200 or more units per shift. Other benefits include reduced floor space, reduced labor and higher quality product, says the company. Booth #2535 more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    John Evans’ Sons Inc. offers the SideLoad constant force balance system for windows. The system replaces the visible sash guides at the top corners of the sash with sash cams that are designed to be both out of view and tamper-resistant. According to the company, the system offers reduced operating forces and a reduction of on-hand inventory with smaller space requirements. Booth #616 more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Gulf Rubber Industries can process synthetic and silicone rubbers to manufacture profiles that comprise multi-durometer hardness, multi-material color extrusion, profile pre-cut, thermoplastic elastomer, vulcanized frames, corners and various other combinations to meet customer requirements. The company also can provide testing, analysis, design and technical support services. Booth #3307 more »
  • Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    The Motorized Shuttle drawer is designed to meet the requirements of any loading system, including free-fall, suction cup loader or gantry system. The system, built in North America, can transport a completely loaded drawer from the drawer system to the cutting line, decreasing and economizing transportation time without any additional equipment required, Bromer officials report. more »
  • Windows
    Details: These windows have two options: Impact Level D windows, which are HVHZ certified and Impact level C windows for non-coastal areas. The windows have high-performance laminated glass, with three panes of glass and a protective interlayer and a low-E coating and argon gas fill. The corners of the thick-walled vinyl frame are fused together at high temperatures and it also has multiple... more »
  • Windows
    Details: This window is designed to operate intuitively and ease installation for builders and remodelers while maintaining high performance. The window locks at the center of the check rail instead of at each jamb. Additionally, the locking mechanism has been re-engineered to allow for easy hardware removal and reattachment for painting without components shifting out of alignment. Simplified... more »