• Door & Window Hardware
    Details: This releasable limit device for residential windows is engineered to meet the ASTM F2090 safety requirements codes for self-resetting, egress capable, fall prevention devices. It limits the opening of the window to less than 4 inches but can be released in case of emergency to achieve egress, or for cleaning purposes. No key or tool is required for this release, which is achieved via... more »
  • Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    Details: This high-speed, high-efficiency insulating glass production line allows up to three times the volume of IGs in an eight-hour shift compared to other options, says the company. The fully automated spacer production system includes automated features such as instant remake capabilities, grid punch alignment and schedule flexibility. Best-selling Features: With more than 25 years of... more »
  • Patio Doors
    Pella redesigned its Architect Series Scenescape patio doors to deliver improved performance, design and easier installation. Key features added to heighten performance include: a thermally broken multi-slide frame design; patent pending multi-slide weep sill; and a variety of glass options. The doors are also compatible with any of the Pella/Baldwin handle-sets for hardware, while bifold patio... more »
  • Windows
    The TS.X-O operable glass wall system has a 15/16-inch-wide stile and panels can reach sizes up to 100 square feet. Recessed top and bottom tracks allow the glass to span floor to ceiling and the in-track roller bearing assembly accommodates single-handed operation. This thermally broken system is engineered with seals that can resist rain and wind. more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    ODL’s Resolve sealant is developed to create a foam seal that results in a one-part thermoset foam seal to secure doorglass in place. Currently used in decorative doorglass products, the pliable material accommodates repositioning during installation. The dry sealant also avoids inconsistency and mess associated with wet glaze applications, according to ODL. The company says it is air and... more »
  • Skylights
    CurveTech skylights are designed for use on flat or low-pitch roofs with pitches from 0 to 15 degrees. The curved edge-to-edge glass cover allows rainwater to disperse off the glass while installed on a zero-degree roof pitch. They come with a PVC curb with polystyrene filling and can be topped with a glass or polycarbonate dome. Available models include the fixed flat roof skylight (CFP) or the... more »