• Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    ZIP System sealing solutions include five stretch tape options and five system flashing straight tapes. The tapes are engineered with interactive layers of chemistry designed to provide slip resistance, durability and UV resistance. They can be applied in conditions from 0 to 120 F. All of the sealing solutions include liquid flash, a fluid-applied flashing alternative to flashing and stretch... more »
  • Patio Doors
    ODL Inc. offers Simulated Divided Lights with clear and textured glass options. SDL achieves the divided-light look by applying external grilles to panes with a spacer bar between. Traditional Style SDL sits in the ODL Evolve frame, an injection molded frame that creates the frame and grille together. It is available for all SDL configurations, including a frame for the 22- by 64-inch six-light... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Roto North America introduced an opening restrictor suitable for inward- and outward-opening aluminum windows. The Roto TiltFirst window handle technology prevents opened sashes from slamming shut in windy conditions. Sashes stop at a defined opening width and are locked in an end-stop position using the handle. The restrictor is controlled by the handle only. The sash is locked by moving the... more »
  • Patio Doors
    The Celesta multitrack door is offered KD or assembled. Features include a wide opening, easy operation and contemporary design, according to the company.   more »
  • Other Products & Services
    Mark My Words Media says it delivers a steady stream of targeted new door and window leads directly to phone and email, with a focus on return on investment for marketing dollars. Booth #2500  more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    During GlassBuild America, Softsolution will debut the CulletScanner, which scans every fragmentation image for all types of glass, with maximum resolution, company officials report. Each fragment is viewed from a 90-degree angle and analyzed within seconds, including exclusion areas along the outer edge as well as the impact point. The system stores every scan in high definition and generates a... more »