• Weatherseals, Sealants & Related


    DAP introduces an all-in-one system for door installation. Each DAP QuickKit contains: DAP Dynaflex 800 Sealant; DAP Draftstop 812 Window and Door Foam; DAP LT Poly Flash 711; Jamsill Guard Sill Pan featuring sloped weep areas; composite shims that are pre-scored; aluminum head flashing; and rustproof galvanized screws. DAP QuickKits are available to meet a range of configurations and styles. The... more »
  • Entry Door Components
    Solar Innovations engineered a lockbox to be used with its patented marine glazed folding glass walls. The lockbox can be placed on the vertical of the frame, so it can lock from both sides of the door and provide a single or multi-lock function, or have card reader/electronic blocking mechanisms incorporated into the system. The locks operate by flipping the handle up to set the throwbolts,... more »
  • Door Processing Equipment
    The Kathy KS-S by EuGénie is a fully automated 7-axis CNC machining center that is designed for all types of doors including wood, PVC, composite material, steel and aluminum. Accompanied, optionally, by two conveyors at the entrance and exit, the Kathy KS-S can be part of a complete production line and, in integration with other EuGénie products, can automatically adjust to the width of the... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    FeneTech Inc. releases its next-generation software, FeneVision Ultimate. The software is designed for glass fabrication and window and door manufacturing companies and includes further enhanced features of FeneVision CORE, along with new functions including: a fully integrated CRM module; enhanced return material authorization functionality; additional mobile apps; and additional optimized... more »
  • Windows
    Bristol and Oxford windows and doors, manufactured by Winchester Industries, feature triple glass with energy efficient technologies, including a proprietary gas mixture, specialized spacer system, and superior reflective coating materials in a 1-inch insulating glass unit. The windows also feature an exclusive frame design and reinforcement. And, the Bristol Q-IV Locking System incorporates four... more »
  • Screen and Storm Products
    Genius Retractable Screens offers two new retractable screen options, the ZigZag 1 and the ZigZag 2. The ZigZag 1 is a single-panel system with pleated fabric that is designed for openings up to 15 feet wide and can be opened from either side. ZigZag 2 features two screen panels that meet at the center and is designed for openings up to 26.25 feet wide. Both screens are available in a variety of... more »