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    The brilliant wrought iron window in fixed and operable styles offers maximum privacy features and includes decorative black wrought iron swirls and delicate leaves set against high opacity glass. The latest addition to Hy-Lite Products’ line of decorative glass windows, the new options include non-operable windows in 24 x 24 and 48 x 48 inch sizes.  Operable windows are available... more »
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    LifeGuard impact-resistant windows and patio doors from Weather Shield Windows & Doors are now available with the Zo-e-shield coastal glazing system. Zo-e-shield uses a proprietary combination of components, including Low-E coatings and inert gas to achieve U-factors and solar heat gain coefficients. These windows have a highly resilient laminate of PVB fused between two panes of glass to... more »
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    Entry Doors
    The AvantGuard finishing technique developed by Masonite is designed to fuse the natural appearance of real wood to composite materials. The finish is created by first selecting the most beautiful lumber, then going through a series of processes to capture every color and grain variation within the boards. These "photographs" are then placed in perfect alignment on an energy-efficient,... more »