• Installation & Trim
    GPI introduced its threshold solutions for patio doors that can be assembled from one universal sill base. This sill design utilizes a base constructed of high-performance thermal-resistant material. It can be fitted with one of GPI’s custom sill caps to suit either in-swing, outswing, or a high performance outswing configuration. There are three size options—4 9/16 inch, 5 ¼... more »
  • Other Products & Services
    Crystal Pacific offers in-house paint finishing for all its vinyl window and door products in seven optional colors for all styles of its vinyl products. Applied using its new spray paint line equipment (see photo), the paint is supplied by Blue River Coatings, comes with a 10-year warranty, and meets AAMA 615-05 superior performance levels. The high-performance water-based Hydro-Flex PIR... more »
  • Composite & Fiberglass Components
    GlassCraft Door Co. introduced its new composite SDL construction with internal muntin bars for premium fiberglass entry doors including its 3-lite, 4-lite, 6-lite, 9-lite and 10-lite designs. The internal muntin bars are fixed on the door using high-performance adhesives to create clean sightlines in SDL mounting. Made of durable, warp-proof material, the internal muntin bars provide improved... more »
  • Entry Door Components
    GPI offers solutions to door threshold and window water leakage: a level and sloped sill pan. Made from high weather-resistant PVC, they can be cut to the threshold opening and completed with butyl adhesive end caps. These patent pending designs incorporate a flat base to aid in installation and improve water drainage away from the opening. more »
  • Entry Door Components
    GPI’s patent pending advancement in sill design utilizes a base constructed of high performance thermal resistant material which can be fitted with one of the company’s custom sill caps to suit either in-swing, out-swing or a high performance out-swing configuration. Additionally, door width cut-downs are said to be made easy with the solid sill base, which can reduces inventory SKUs... more »
  • Patio Doors
    LaCantina offers its new Contemporary Clad doors. This new material option features a 2 15/16-inch narrow stile and rail profile to maximize glass and light. With 2 1/4-inch thick panels made of LVL core construction and high-quality extruded aluminum, it offers a clean aesthetic and profile options that complement contemporary and traditional architectural style. In-stock color options include... more »