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    Forecasts are a tricky business—just ask your friendly local weather person about what the public expects from him or her. But forecasting isn’t necessarily about making a wrong or right assumption. It’s about setting reasonable expectations for the future based on qualified research of past trends and potential indicators. It’s about analyzing the clues around us and... more »
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    Dealers and manufacturers predict this year will see an uptick in purchases in general, with homeowners investing more in upscale or higher-end items. According to a recent Window & Door study, most industry professionals anticipate an increase in sales for all products—budget and luxury (see Figures 4A and 4B)—but foresee a bigger increase on the high-end scale. It should be...
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    A new seminar sponsored by Fenestration Canada aims to provide architects, engineers, builders and fenestration industry professionals with an solid understanding of critical fenestration issues that they face on a daily basis, according to the company. The educational event will be held at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club, Thornhill, Ontario, March 31, 2015. Participants can register here...
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    Market research and consulting firm Fry Consultants Incorporated will update its ongoing Canadian Residential Window and Exterior Door Multi-Client Study. The study will provide data and information for unit sales and growth trends from 2015 through 2017, alternative (e.g. hybrid/composite) windows, sales channel changes, provincial/regional differences, emerging trends and threats, and other...
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    PGT Industries received the blessing of the Sarasota County Commission to receive state money aimed at cultivating "green" economic development, the Herald-Tribune reports. The company will receive up to $300,000 in incentives from the Sustainable Energy Economic District (SEED) program. Sarasota County was one of two communities chosen for the state's Energy Economic Zone pilot...

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16 Reasons to Attend Industry Conferences

Jim Snyder

I just returned from the AAMA industry conference held last week in Fort Lauderdale. I arrived a day early—the same day my home city of Memphis was being pounded by an ice storm and completely shut down for the next two ... more »



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