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Complete Coverage

Window & Door is the only magazine that delivers complete coverage of the residential window and door industry for subscribers and advertisers. Manufacturers, distributors and dealers of windows, doors, skylights, sunrooms and other fenestration and millwork products all rely on the full spectrum of news and information we provide. Advertisers reach all their best prospects.

And WDweekly, and provide even greater reach. In a 24/7 world, industry executives rely on our electronic media offerings as the most efficient way to stay up-to-date and find the information and resources they need quickly.

Editorial Excellence
Subscribers can rely on the knowledge and insight of an editor with 26 years of industry experience. Window & Door also has a senior editor devoted to dealers and distributor. With expert contributors and exclusive market research efforts, Window & Door delivers the information subscribers need to run and build their businesses.

Ranked #1
Subscribers in a 2010 Counsel House Research Survey ranked Window & Door number one in “most timely,” “most industry insight,” “best new ideas,” “most useful to my business” and “most editorial information and advertising you are likely to inquire about further.” And Window & Door outscored its closest competitor more than 7–to–1 when it comes to “spend most time reading.”

The New Force Online
Already generating a million-plus page views a year1, is built on a new state-of-the-art content management system enabling us to deliver the latest industry news on a 24/7 basis and users to find the information they want when they want it. WDweekly continues to draw readers and raves. It’s in the inbox of thousands1 of industry movers and shakers every Wednesday morning., our digital issue distributed to 22,5001 industry professionals, has interactive options for both users and advertisers who want instant access to online resources.

More for Your Ad Dollar
In addition to the average 23,456 copies2 delivered every issue, Window & Door is distributed at key industry events throughout the year: the International Builders’ Show, the Remodeling Show, GlassBuild America, AMD Exhibition, Win-Door, Fensterbau and AAMA, FMA, WDMA and IGMA meetings. Our new digital edition also provides bonus distribution, as it is sent to more than 22,500 inboxes3 in North America and throughout the world.

Advertisers’ Choice
Because we deliver the content and the readers, Window & Door averaged more than 35% more advertising pages per issue than its closest competitor both in 2008–2010.1



1 Publisher’s Own Data
2 BPA Worldwide Publisher’s Statement, June 2010
3 Publisher’s Own Data, based on September 2010 digital issue distribution