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    Entry Door Components
    Three new stained glass design doorlites from Novatech Glass are inspired by designs of former eras. The Gothic design highlights the trend towards the look of wrought iron, with a flat patina caming and lozenge-style lattice-work. The Kallima features a structured design and a selection of original glass. The Cachet stained glass represents the strong trend towards linear designs, with obscure... more »
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    Interior Doors
    The Signet door is offered in cherry, mahogany and a dual sided cherry/mahogany. From Provia Door, the unit is constructed with dovetail joints for better strength. The Durafuse stain finishing system with a P3 fusion process enables the door to be offered with a 10-year finish warranty. more »
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    Entry Doors
    MasterGrain premium fiberglass entry door slabs and sidelite slabs with matched fiberglass doorlite and sidelite frames are manufactured with the Weber Grain Technology process to replicate the look and feel of mahogany, oak and cherry grains. The fiberglass skins feature random grain depths and all the natural characteristics of real wood making the doors virtually indistinguishable from real... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    D&D Builders Hardware’s Slide-Back automatically closes sliding doors. Composed of a three section aluminum tube/cylinder with a standard retracted length is 28 inches, the device can be extended to 54 inches when the second section cylinder is pulled out, and up to 78 inches when the third section cylinder is fully out. The closer is rustproof and speed adjustable.  more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    The X-Drive system for casements and awnings combines smooth and reliable performance, streamlined aesthetics, and superior flexibility, according to the supplier. From Roto Frank of America, the hardware enables manufacturers to offer customers a wide array of options with color matched plastic snap on covers, as well as a snap-on metal cover system, which can be selected in a wide variety of... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    The Ultratech 5421 auto-tilt window system from Deco Products combines a locking system with a concealed tilt latch, while providing a stylish, low-profile look, the company states. Featuring “Lock,” “Open” and “Clean” engraved on the sash lock, the hardware fits windows ranging from 19 to more than 36 inches wide. Over 60 powder colors and nine plated finishes... more »