• Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The EDT60X84 from CRL Glass Machinery is a low-cost, manually-operated machine designed to remove the soft low-E surface coating from a glass panel’s perimeter–a necessary step before tempering or insulating to ensure direct bonding of sealants to the actual glass. To remove the coating, the operator places a glass panel on top of the 60 inch x 84 inch table, featuring ball... more »
  • Windows
    Specifically designed for the West Coast–with an integral stucco option available–Sheffield II sliding and double-hung replacement windows provide durability, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal while working hard to reduce the transfer of heat and cold, the company states. From Alside Window Systems, the windows are available in white, almond, and desert clay solid colors, as well... more »
  • Installation & Trim
    A simple-to-use, six-bracket system, the Quick Door Hanger allows for quick, hassle-free interior door installation without the use of shims, the supplier states. The system also allows for doors to be installed without having to nail through the door jamb, leaving no nail holes to patch. From Express Products, the product is said to be simple enough for DIYers to use, but it can also be used by... more »
  • Installation & Trim
    A collection that includes window and door trim, decorative millwork, louvers, stone surround systems, and more, Stone & Timber decorative trim products feature rich, authentic textures and details to resemble traditional cast concrete or timber accents, the manufacturer states.  Made of high-performance polyurethane, the products resist moisture, insect infestations, warping, cracking... more »
  • Interior Doors
    Designed to be socially responsible and affordable, Krosscore doors provide the look and feel of a wood door with real hardwood bonded to an engineered door surface, a 100 percent recycled core and renewable sourced wood components, the manufacturer states. From Krosswood Doors, the line enables homeowners to upgrade from painted doors to elegant hardwood doors at an affordable price. Options... more »
  • Patio Doors
    For such applications as surrounding three-season porches and dividing interior and semi-outdoor spaces, the S.91 Frameless Sliding/Stacking Glass Wall System offers an elegant and contemporary design for the luxury window and door market, the supplier states. The partition system features individual glass panels that operate along a single aluminum track system to provide a seamless... more »