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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    A new “plug and play” extrusion system from Cincinnati Milacron offers wood/fiber composite extruders a turnkey approach enabling quick market entry and rapid online production, the company reports. The system is capable of producing 1 to 2 metric tons of material per hour, with a simplified, easy to operate control system. It can be setup with single or multiple extrusion lines and... more »
  • prod_ctd_0507.jpg
    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The DM200R 12-inch double-end trim cut-off saw, with optional lineal powerfeed for length, is new from CTD Machines Inc. The table powerfeed moves the right sawhead via an electric motor, and has hand controls for direction, speed and fine adjustments. A rapid mode handles quick movement from one dimension to another. It comes standard with 2 hp, 3-phase motors; a magnetic starter; power downfeed... more »
  • Door Processing Equipment
    The 350H hinge routing station from Norfield allows a door and jamb to be routed simultaneously in a 30-second timeframe, the company reports. Designed for mid-sized door shops, it accepts hinges 31¼2 inches up to 5 inches in height, with a trouble-free, manual adjustment to change hinge sizes. The machine can handle doors from 6 feet, 8 inches up to 8 feet in height. An index bar with... more »
  • prod_nordson_wd0507.jpg
    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The AG-900+ modular dispensing applicator from Nordson is designed to apply high-performance materials in gasketing, sealing and bonding applications, including glazing operations. Ambient or heated configurations are available to support solid or formed application of material including silicones, urethanes, epoxies and butyls. It features large internal fluid passages and specialized seals, and... more »
  • prod_progressive.jpg
    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The CNC feed thru extrusion fabrication cell from Progressive Systems Inc. accommodates aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and wood/composites and allows for vertical or horizontal fabrication. It features an automatic component loading walking beam magazine, automatic pusher grippers and a server pusher that operates at 2,000 inches per minute. The machine can trim, endmill, rout, punch and drill. It... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    Frontier version 2.2 features an updated user interface, and offers such additional functionality as advanced order-promising, scrap and rework processing, planned work order regeneration, order number expansion, and consolidated purchasing. From Friedman Corp., the supplier of ERP software for make-to-order manufacturers in the building industry, the new version also features improvements to the... more »