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    Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Dow Corning offers a variety of silicone glazing sealants for insulating glass, window assembly and other applications to provide greater durability and longevity than organic-based alternatives. The company's sealants are suited to a variety of window assembly practices, from high-speed automated lines to hand-applied custom designed window lines, and offer a range of cure times and open times.... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    LB Clear muntin bumpers from Lamatek Inc. are made from proprietary UV resistant material and available in a clear compound to provide skid, scratch and stain resistance. Supplied with a non-yellowing self-adhesive acrylic backing, the bumpers can be applied right to the muntin bar before being placed between the panes of glass. The product is kiss-cut in rolls and the standard gauge is .06... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    Solarban 70XL solar control low-E glass is now available to residential window and door manufacturers from PPG Industries. With a clear, color-neutral aesthetic, the glass provides an SHGC of 0.27, and visible light transmittance of 64 percent in a clear insulating glass unit, the manufacturer reports. The amount of summer heat that enters the home is greatly reduced, while the glass also keeps... more »
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    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    Wood’s Powr-Grip will introduce the Air-Powered Rotator with integrated Demag hoist. The PRHE49AIR uses compressed air and AC electrical power in production facilities to lift loads up to 400 pounds and provide effortless rotation with stops at 90° or 180°. This product features an ergonomically designed integrated control handle as well as integrated controls, and includes four 9-... more »
  • Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    Cosmofen 345 assembly sealing adhesive from Weiss USA LLC offers a wide adhesion spectrum to different materials, including rigid PVC, powder coated aluminum, stone, concrete and wood. Used for applying additional vinyl components to window profiles, the product provides long-lasting, non-aging, tough elastic film properties, as well as weather resistance and UV stability, according to the... more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    Urban Machinery and Bystronic Solution Centre will introduce a new, high speed method of sash corner joinery. Bystronic’s Friction Corner Welding Technology and Urban’s Friction Corner Welding equipment increase manufacturing efficiency in certain applications, when compared with current hot plate or fusion welding technology. The base technology utilizes corner webs, which are used... more »