• Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    From Rotox Gmbh, the SMH 510 four-point vinyl welder is said to offer cycle times up to 40 percent less than traditional welders. The unit welding at a higher temperatures, which greatly reduces weld time without affecting product quality, the supplier explains.  In addition, dynamic servo drives coordinate the whole welding process, including all melting and compressing motions... more »
  • Windows
    Created for wood, clad and aluminum window replacement, the Total Tearout Replacement Window Solution is designed for applications where it is preferable to remove rotted wood rather than cover it up. The package consists of MGM Industries’ Series 8027 double hung window with an exterior cellular PVC trim. This cellular PVC cuts like wood and replaces the original, rotted brick mold. The... more »
  • Windows
    A re-designed frame and modified sash on the Asure line of replacement windows and doors allows more light into the home, the manufacturer states. From Simonton Windows, the new line also features a reverse brickmould frame on the exterior to provide an enhanced, attractive architectural finish, with clean corner welds and a smooth exterior construction to complete the stylish look. A two “... more »
  • Glass & IG Components
    Designed to provide form, function and beauty, decorative glazing panels can be used in a variety of applications, including windows, doors, skylights, room dividers and jalousies. Offered in translucent to opaque versions, the panels combine real flowers, reeds, grasses and leaves with hand-made and machine-made materials for sun control and even power generation by encapsulating photovoltaic... more »
  • Created to give homeowners ultimate control, the Legacy retractable door screen is easy to use, whisper quiet and designed for easy living, the supplier states.  A new ergonomic and intuitive Latch & Release handle with smooth operating slidebar automatically latches the screen in the closed position to prevent it from opening in breezy conditions. It is easily released by simply... more »
  • Engineered Thermal Insulation, or ETI, has been developed by Vinylbilt to improve the thermal performance of its Platinum Series vinyl windows. The insulating system is engineered to minimize heat and cold transfer through window sash and frame, as well as reduce condensation on the glass surface. The manufacturer's product line includes a wide variety of windows and patio doors, with a range of... more »