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    Other Products & Services
    Atrium Cos. Inc. will introduce its new SafeHarbor impact fabric as part of its comprehensive line of hurricane protection products. The impact fabric is designed to provide an unobtrusive hurricane protection system that offers homeowners an economic impact solution, the company notes. The translucent, polyethylene fabric repels wind borne debris and driven rain, while still allowing... more »
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    Entry Doors
    The first edition of the Artist Collection line of doors from Simpson Door Company features a “designs on nature” theme inspired by colorful botanicals, rugged beaches, and ocean waves, the company reports. The designs on nature theme is offered in full-lite French doors, as well as doors that incorporate flat and raised panels. The doors are available in Douglas fir, Western... more »
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    Frame & Sash Equipment
    Using only 308 square feet of floor space, Joseph Machine Co.’s pass through process sash welder/cleaner can produce up to 1,000 squares per shift with one person operation, the supplier reports. The line features a four-point welder with pre-loader and a gantry system providing automated welder/cleaner transfer, a four-point cleaner and automated outfeed from the cleaner.  more »
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    The ThermaProof line of energy-saving windows for both commercial and residential construction from Serious Materials offer full-frame R-values of R-5 to R-11, the company reports. The windows  combine an AlpenGlass+ insulating glass package with fully-insulated framing for the highest insulation performance across the entire unit, not just measured at center of glass, according to... more »
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    Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    A new stiffener is made of an extruded proprietary material with an e-modulus four times that of PVC. Tested in a Chelsea Building Products Trust Series platform window, the stiffener enabled the product to achieve an R-35 rating, the supplier reports. The product can offer cost savings to customers as they can order on same truck as their vinyl, eliminating freight and minimum order quantities... more »
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    Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    The Revolution Xtreme hybrid window system combines a rigid PVC frame with a cellular PVC sash incorporating a fiberglass reinforcement fully integrated into the sash profile to provide superior strength and performance. Mortise and tenon joinery and traditional lift groove provide the traditional look and feel of a wood window. more »