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    To be introduced as part of a totally redesigned product line, the Velux deck-mounted product family has been designated The No Leak Skylight. The deck mounted skylights feature three layers of water protection, including a new gasket that seals to the roof deck. Developed to address homeowner and contractor perceptions that skylights can leak, the new line combines a number of time and money... more »
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    Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    Said to deliver superior thermal performance to fiberglass, PVC and wood frame materials,  the EnergyCore Fusion Insulated System uses an air-cell insulating core to provide an enhanced thermal barrier in the vinyl profiles. Unlike manually foam-filled processes, new tri-extrusion technology ensures frame profiles are fully insulated using material that is corner weldable and 100 percent... more »
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    Entry Doors
    Using a unique mold technology to offer authentic grain replication, the supplier of oak, mahogany and cherry fiberglass doors and door systems is expanding its line of cherry products, it reports. To date, MasterGrain cherry products are outselling its mahogany and oak products two-to-one due the warmth and attractiveness of the native North American wood species, the company reports. The new... more »
  • prod_KFV_wd1009_web.jpg
    Door & Window Hardware
    Combining modern aesthetics and maximum performance, the KFV lock for swing doors is said to be ideal for sophisticated architectural designs, as the latch is practically invisible in line with the lock case when the door is open. The operating principle of the new magnetic lock is as simple as it is effective. As the door is closing, the latch is drawn into the striking plate and secured in... more »
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    Wood and Wood-related Components
    The Advantage Trio line of adhesives helps wood window manufacturers put together their own products. From Franklin International, the line features Advantage 415 is a highly water-resistant, two-part crosslinking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive that can be used for finger jointing, edge gluing, hot pressing and radio frequency gluing. When mixed with aluminum chloride, the product surpasses... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    The AirClip muntin key program is designed for easy installation of muntin grids to all warm-edge foam spacer systems–including  Glasslam’s line of Air-Tight spacer products and Edgetech’s SuperSpacer brand products. The molded plastic clips accommodate virtually any required airspace or application, providing a metal-free component for a true warm-edge muntin bar or... more »