• prod_isc_4000.jpg
    Door & Window Hardware
    The Deluxe Model 4000 cable support kit for bay and bow window installations now features the “No Twist–Never Twist” locking mechanism. Located on the cable stud end, the stud and lock washer combination holds each cable in place and prevents twisting when tightening the cable and performing final leveling and installation of the window. Another feature is the Grip-Tite cleat... more »
  • prod.Truth_FauxBronze.jpg
    Door & Window Hardware
    Faux bronze is a new color from Truth Hardware serving as an economic alternative to traditional oil-rubbed bronze plating. It is a “non-living” painted finish, and so will not rub off or wear. The finish can be applied to both zinc and plastic parts. It is available for both window and door hardware products. more »
  • prod_giesse_handle.jpg
    Door & Window Hardware
    Among its solutions for casement window hardware, Giesse offers one-way locking, cremone handles, which all move in one direction. Aesthetic options include two lines, Unica and Cover, the latter providing Italian-inspired beauty with substantial flexibility, the company reports. more »
  • prod_arch_wolman.jpg
    Wood and Wood-related Components
    Wolman AG preservative has been recognized for use within WDMA’s Hallmark Certification. From Arch Treatment Technologies, the non-metallic solution applied by pressure treatment meets requirements of WDMA I.S.4, Industry Standard for Water-Repellant Preservative Treatment of millwork, and is acceptable for use under the corresponding certification program. The formulation comprises three... more »
  • prod_Lauren_seals.jpg
    Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Custom design capability for seals and gaskets from Lauren Manufacturing allows for optimum performance and fit with windows, doors and skylights. The company uses the most thermally protective materials and provides them at an affordable cost to provide manufacturers with acompetitive edge for their products. Being a lean manufacturer, Lauren can design products easily integrated into the end... more »
  • prod_masterlock_bump.jpg
    Door & Window Hardware
    The Bumpstop lock employs an innovative design that utilizes a unique reverse rake tapered driver pin, high performance springs and tightly machined cylinder chambers. The lock is designed to resist “lock bumping,” a method of manipulating an in-line pin tumbler cylinder to open that is being used increasingly, according to the supplier. During a bump attempt, this solution prevents... more »