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    Computer Software & Systems
    Utilizing bar coding and wireless terminals to track every movement of material through a facility, Majure Data's warehouse management system has a navigator dashboard that allows managers to monitor key performance indicators and a labor management system to quickly and easily monitor operator productivity. The company reports the system, which it will have on display and available for active... more »
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    Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Amesbury Schlegel will introduce its thermoplastic elastomer magnetic extruded magnetic seals. The extruded seal combines thermoplastic flexibility with the functional performance of thermoplastic rubber. Schlegel's new engineering and development capabilities can produce a TPE bulb to meet almost any application requirement. With extruded TPE, the flexible bulb acts as a mechanical seal with... more »
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    Entry Doors
    The Cumara mahogany door line, which captures the look and beauty of genuine mahogany entry doors without the usual drawbacks and maintenance issues of natural wood, will be featured by RightConcept Doors. The doors combine fiberglass skins that are dent, crack, split and rot resistant, laminated veneer lumber stile construction, non-rot top and bottom rails, and a solid LVL lock block. The... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    DualTech V2 hardware integrates the tilt and lock function of hung style vinyl windows with added force entry resistance. It holds up to 400 pounds of static load and integrates a glass-filled nylon latch below the surface of the sash to preserve the structure of the weld bead. The entire system is offered in three sub-assemblies with the choice of three extension bar lengths, and is available... more »
  • Entry Door Components
    The Honeycomb Core from Sing Home is made from natural wood veneer implanted in low density foam. Offering lightweight strength and thermal insulation, cores can be combined with hardwood, softwood, plywood, fiberglass and metal and other materials to create doors and a variety of other building products.   more »
  • Windows
    The new 6500 series window line is the first replacement window from The Jordan Co. The company redesigned its new construction platform window to develop a product specifically intended for use in the replacement of smaller jamb aluminum windows. The window features a stainless steel coil balance, jamb adjusters, head expander, sill extender and a continuous head and sill on mulled units and is... more »