• Door & Window Hardware
    For use with constant force balance systems, the Jamma Lamma is a jamb pocket-mounted component that holds either a vent stop or window opening control device. The stop or WOCD is first snapped into the unit. Then, the unit is inserted into the jamb pocket, while the tension bow that holds it in position is adjusted and screwed into the desired position. From Lawrence Industries, the component... more »
  • Woodworking Equipment
    Stiles Machinery offers the Homag BMB-900 Series powerProfiler, an automated CNC machine designed for the production of wood windows and doors. Available in several configurations and with a range of options, the machine can perform various processing operations simultaneously, including sizing, drilling, routing, profiling, component measurement and 3D machining. Features include automatic... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Solar Smart is a remote-operated, battery-powered, solar-charged chain drive operator system for awning and hopper windows, and skylights. Simplifying installation by eliminating the need for any additional power or wiring, the operator is powered by a NiMH battery pack that is recharged from an external solar panel. From Crystalite Inc., the electronically efficient hardware and software design... more »
  • Patio Doors
    Comfort Foam injected into the mainframe and sash, along with Soft-Lite's RiceHull high-density composite reinforcement, are among the key features that enable the Kingsroyal patio door to offer U-values as low as 0.19, the manufacturer reports. In addition to solid construction and thermal efficiency, the doors offer luxury and style to homeowners with many designer handle options, interior... more »
  • Wood and Wood-related Components
    Offered in a variety of embossed surface finishes that add a rich look and provide excellent scratch resistance, Exofol MLA film can be laminated to wood building products for either interior or exterior applications, including door jambs, windows components and jamb extensions. From American Renolit  Corp., the fillm helps provide excellent durability that benefits a product through its... more »
  • Screens & Screen Components
    Using a ¾ by ½-inch lip roll-formed frame, the OneScreen system creates a sleek contoured screen with no visible hardware that can be used on casement, slider and double-hung windows. The screen design reduces the window manufacturer’s number of screen frame SKUs by using the same frame for various window applications, as the only change required is different corner keys for... more »