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    A new triple glazing option for Migard's vinyl Tuscany Series replacement line, and its fiberglass Ultra and WoodClad Series windows and patio doors, will be highlighted by the company at IBS. The three-pane options provide extra insulating opportunities without compromising interior style or exterior curb appeal, the company states. With two separate insulating air spaces, the new option can... more »
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    Two single-hung windows with one continuous header and sill, the Side-by-Side offers less chance for water intrusion at the mull bar and less chance of failed inspection with the factory mull.  Offered in an impact and non-impact version, the vinyl window has been tested up to a double 25 or DLO size, (72 7/8 x 61 ¾ inches) with a 70 dp, the manufacturer reports. From Custom Window... more »
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    Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    Developed by Bavarian Polymers, the Polymeric Reinforcement System, PRES, is a lightweight material designed as a stiffener to replace aluminum or steel in vinyl proflies.  With high insulation properties, the product results in low U-values in windows and doors, the supplier states.  Due to its material composition, the reinforcement material provides for high flexibility in profile... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    Solarban 65, a double-silver, solar control, low-E glass, is a new value alternative to PPG's Solarban 70XL and Solarban 60 glasses.  Part of an expanded portfolio of residential low-E products, the new glass helps window makers achieve the ARRA .30/.30 requirements for energy-efficient windows, the manufacturer reports.  Also new is Sungate 400, a passive low-E glass developed for... more »
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    The Signature replacement window is designed to provide dealers the most sought after, cutting-edge features in a vinyl window. Responding to homeowners’ desires to “go green” and quickly regain their investments, the standard Signature window includes Seaway Manufacturing’s new InsulGlaze 450 glass package and can be upgraded to Seaway’s Insulglaze 700 and... more »
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    Patio Doors
    Thermally-broken aluminum door systems have been developed by Panda Windows & Doors in response to the need for large door systems in areas that experience extreme temperature conditions, as well to meet growing demand for energy efficiency. Framing components are made using 6063-T5 extruded aluminum thermally broken by an 18mm polyamide bar. Available in both bi-folding and lift/slide... more »