• Windows
    Similar in design to impact-resistant glass packages found in code-driven coastal area homes, SafePoint glass is available as an option on Simonton ProFinish Brickmould 600 windows and doors to offer no-effort protection for the home, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, the manufacturer states. The glass package can give homeowners peace-of-mind for protection against severe weather and potential... more »
  • Other Products & Services
    RRP Renovate is an app designed to streamline and simplify compliance with EPA lead requirements. From Conformé LLC, the app guides contractors through prep, testing, containment, work flow and clean up, enabling them to track interior and exterior renovation process and captures photos as documentation, the supplier states. The ability to email documentation enables users to backup and archive... more »
  • Interior Doors
    A new line of interior natural wood veneer doors from Lynden Door, the StileLine collection includes doors available in combinations of quarter-sliced African ahogany, plain-sliced white maple and rift white oak.  In each case, the door features a 6-inch wide vertical section of veneer "sketched" to the horizontal grain veneer that composes the remainder of the door face, the... more »
  • Installation & Trim
    Designed to make compliance with RRP regulations quicker and easier, the Workbag is a large five-sided bag with a floor and ceiling that can be used for lead dust containment during window and door replacements and renovations.  Installed with adjustable poles, the system provides a vertical containment system that is sealed to the wall around the fenestration opening with painter's tape.... more »
  • Woodworking Equipment
    An adaptation of the VariPlan planerhead, the VariPlan Plus is designed to bring the advantages of RipTec technology, including increased quality and decreased waste, to the broad-based moulder/planing market. Using the Leitz Tooling Systems' knife technology for pre-planing or integrating with smooth knives, the tooling increases the smoothness of rustic and even difficult-to-machine woods,... more »
  • Entry Doors
    Exterior wrought iron, clear glass and SDL entry doors are offered in models that have been tested and approved for use in windstorm and impact applications in Florida and Texas, the manufacturer reports.The SDL series of fiberglass doors feature classic French doors and Prairie style doors to complement a wide range of architectural designs. From GlassCraft Doors, the SDL doors offer the look... more »