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    Door & Window Hardware
    A removable cover and handle on Interlock USA’s casement locking system allows quick and easy installation while eliminating the potential for shipping damage, the company explains. The removable components, available in both metal and composite options, are offered separately to minimize inventory costs. The casement hardware system uses mushroom-shaped roller pins which minimize contact... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    As the market demands bigger and heavier windows, traditional balances struggle to support their weight with easy operation. Amesbury Group has developed SuperBoost balances to meet the needs of heavier sash weights. The F series is able to carry sash weights up to 80 pounds and the K series can support sash weights up to 120 pounds, the company reports. The balances are shipped pre-tensioned and... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    Ashland Hardware Systems’ expanded trim set offering gives consumers new finishes and design options to complement any home decor; from rustic to contemporary to transitional, the company reports. The thumb-turn is located above the handle for consumer convenience and ease of use, including the ability for homeowners to visually verify the lock is engaged with a 90-degree thumb-turn... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    A new line of frame spacers from Functional Fenestration Inc. offer four-way adjustability to make the sash level even when the frame is not. After installation, the spacers allow frames to be adjusted to keep the sash aligned and working properly. The spacers are available for wood, aluminum, and PVC products.  more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    The Tectus concealed hinge enables manufacturers to provide uninterrupted flush-faced surfaces on the hinge side of the door, according to the supplier. The new hinge from Hoppe North America is invisible when the door is closed, but is provided in silver and brass finishes to complement other hardware. Available for use on wood, steel or aluminum frames and with unrebated doors, the Tectus hinge... more »
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    The H3 window is designed to combine all the features and performance of a premium window at a modest price. From Hurd Windows & Doors, the casement model incorporates exclusive Fusion Technology to seamlessly integrate extruded aluminum cladding, a vinyl base frame and a solid wood interior into a single unit, the manufacturer states. Supplied with ComfortGlaze Low-E glass, the window... more »