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    Patio Doors
    The 81 Series Multi-Slide Door system from Panda Windows & Doors is designed to meet the needs of a variety of markets from custom homes and condominiums to hotels and resorts. Made of durable 6063-T5 aluminum extrusions, the slim 1¾-inch by 2½-inch profile has a 90 DP rating and a large missile impact rating of 60 psf, making it suittable for coastal applications... more »
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    Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    Doorframer Inc.’s 4-inch universal hinge protector and spacer can be used on interior and exterior doors to prevent damage during shipping and handling.  The design is set over the hinge and secured with two staples through the flap, and provides a cushion between doors when they are packed for shipping.  It provides a protective covering over screws pushing through the door... more »
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    Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Great Stuff Pro window and door insulating foam sealant is a minimal-expanding polyurethane foam proven not to distort window or door frames when applied properly. From Dow Building Solutions, it permits expansion and contraction while stopping drafts for increased home energy efficiency. The dispensing gun applicator assures precise control, maximum yield and reduced waste, the supplier reports... more »
  • Door Processing Equipment
    Wise Corp., the supplier of door processing equipment, has created a new online catalog. The catalog features woodworking industrial supplies and equipment, including bits, blades and cutters, as well as electrical supplies, hardware and shop supplies.  more »
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    Ventana USA's new Series 2600 bay and bow windows are offered as wood bucks or as completed units with windows installed. They are built with 5/4-inch exterior grade plywood, have all-threaded steel rods for reinforcement at the mullions and an eyelet hanging bracket system. For completed units, customers have the option of supplying their own vinyl casement, picture, single-hung or double-hung... more »
  • Patio Doors
    Three door stile widths options are now offered on Solar Innovations' folding glass walls. Wide thermal stiles feature the company’s thermally-broken aluminum frame and are larger in size than the standard thermal, allowing for larger, heavier doors while still maintaining aesthetic appeal, the manufacturer notes. The standard thermal stiles also utilize a thermally-broken... more »