• Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    The new Rotox EPA 470-S CNC provides an economical path to precision cleaning of frame and sash corners on specialty and standard PVC window products, the supplier states. Previously such products have been cleaned by hand, limiting quality and consistency. The new cleaner includes seven CNC tools for both internal and external cleaning of specialty window products such as garden windows,... more »
  • Glass & IG Components
    Designed to deliver triple-pane performance in a dual-glazed configuration, Cardinal Glass Industies' LoE-i81 is manufactured using the latest innovation in sputter coating technology applied on the interior lite of an IG unit, or the #4 surface of a double-pane window. When coupled with Cardinal LoE3-366, glass and argon fill in a double-pane IG unit, the center of glass U-factor is only 0.20,... more »
  • Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    SuperCoat, designed especially for window and door manufacturers competing in the replacement market, is a durable color coating system which is vacuum-applied and cured by ultraviolet light. Based on ASTM D3363-05 color surface hardness testing, the coating is 800 percent harder than competitive paint—testing to a 4H level compared to a leading waterborne paint at 2B, the supplier... more »
  • Windows
    Introduced by Milgard Windows & Doors at recent PCBC show, the Essence Series leverages the best of the two materials, offering the warmth and style of a wood interior with the strength and durability of a fiberglass exterior, the manufacturer states. The window line provides energy efficiency, as well as  innovative features like the company's SmartTouch lock, it points out. ... more »
  • Windows
    MI Windows & Doors is adding a paintable/stainable finish option on its Designer and its CertainTeed Bryn Mawr III replacement windows. The pine finish interior allows the homeowner to use interior paint or stain to customize the window to their home décor. It is the latest addition to the list of replacement product options that include a variety of interior woodgrains, interior and... more »
  • np_laminations_wd0610_web.jpg
    Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    Mega VBoard offers environmentally-friendly protection and transport stability for windows, house doors, garage doors and irregularly-shaped products. From Laminations Inc., the V-shaped paperboard edge protection product is offered with total leg widths of up to 18 inches wide—including symmetrical configurations up to 9 inches by 9 inches or asymmetrical and customized with a minimum leg... more »