• Screen and Storm Products
    The Archtop line of storm doors, available in full, camber, curved, pointed and cathedral designs, are manufactured from extruded aluminum that is welded for a perfect fit, according to the manufacturer.  An aluminum extruded full-length hinge system contains a stainless steel rod that extends from top to bottom ensuring the door will never sag or warp. An extruded aluminum corner... more »
  • Installation & Trim
    Designed to provide easier installations, the Easi-Dec Window-Dec from Kee Safety Inc. features a self-locking pulley system to lift replacement windows into position for one- and two-story buildings. A window, up to 165 pounds, is attached to the lifting frame with two straps (provided) and hoisted up to the platform level by pulling on the rope. Windows are brought up through a hinged opening... more »
  • Entry Door Components
    RoyalBond Tri-Stain, a water-based stain that is low in volatile organic compounds, achieves the true look of woodgrain on fiberglass and steel doors, according to the supplier. Using the same resin/paint system as Royal Building Products' RoyalBond Spectra-Coat system, the new three-step process (base coat, stain coat and clear coat) allows fabricators to create a factory-applied finish that... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    For in-shop fabrication, 896FC Fast Cure from Pecora Corp. provides the fastest green strength development of any one-part fenestration silicone sealant, the company reports. Using a fluid free formula, the sealant also eliminates the possibility of damage to window laminates and secondary IG seals caused by silicone fluid migration, the company reports. In addition to enhanced productivity, the... more »
  • From Integrated Automation Systems, the developer of the OptiGas gas filling and thermal verification system, ThermalCheck is an affordable and compact system that first mixes and then directly measures the gas content in IG air spaces. An operator inserts the testing wand into the airspace and presses the test button. The unit displays the percent of argon or krypton and prints a label with a... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Combining multiple materials, Hybrid Dust Plugs are designed to meet complex sealing applications. A foam pad is used where straight compression sealing is needed with pile is used where active sealing is needed and the surface being sealed against is moveable, the supplier explains. From Ultrafab Inc., the plugs can can be supplied on a reel, kiss cut for quick removal from a continuous backing... more »