• Door Processing Equipment
    Wise Corp., the supplier of door processing equipment, has created a new online catalog. The catalog features woodworking industrial supplies and equipment, including bits, blades and cutters, as well as electrical supplies, hardware and shop supplies.  more »
  • webnewprods_ventana.jpg
    Ventana USA's new Series 2600 bay and bow windows are offered as wood bucks or as completed units with windows installed. They are built with 5/4-inch exterior grade plywood, have all-threaded steel rods for reinforcement at the mullions and an eyelet hanging bracket system. For completed units, customers have the option of supplying their own vinyl casement, picture, single-hung or double-hung... more »
  • Patio Doors
    Three door stile widths options are now offered on Solar Innovations' folding glass walls. Wide thermal stiles feature the company’s thermally-broken aluminum frame and are larger in size than the standard thermal, allowing for larger, heavier doors while still maintaining aesthetic appeal, the manufacturer notes. The standard thermal stiles also utilize a thermally-broken... more »
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    Installation & Trim
    ARclad 8416 and ARclad 8516 are double-sided foam tapes developed to achieve higher glazing performance by combining a high-performance acrylic adhesive with a strong and flexible foam carrier. From Adhesives Research, the two tapes offer an enhanced bond between the tape and glass interface, as well as greater resistance to moisture, humidity and heat, according to the manufacturer. The flexible... more »
  • Specialty Fabrication
    Linetec has changed from a traditional, caustic anodizing etch process to a more environmentally friendly acid etch process, it reports. The new process creates a frostier matte finish that helps hide small defects, such as die lines, flow lines, minor corrosion and scratches that may occur on the aluminum surface of architectural products, according to the company. Anodizing highlights... more »
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    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The DM55 DynaDrum bulk adhesive melter from ITW Dynatec features a touch-screen PLC human/machine interface and includes field-interchangeable platen faces to accommodate various adhesives, an adhesive flow rate of up to 600 pounds per hour and up to 25,000 pounds of platen force. This product also features a seven-day timer, self-diagnostics, temperature setback, warning light and drum low and... more »