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    Screens & Screen Components
    The new S-135 rollformed screen frame and corner system for casement and awning series windows features a unique locking system that is conveniently located in durable ABS plastic corner keys. From Screenco Manufacturing, the design provides for an efficiency and labor savings in production, as well as an aesthetically pleasing screen product. The screen frame is engineered using diverse... more »
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    Screen and Storm Products
    The Sheer Screen Ad­vance is said to be the first pleated screen in the U.S. market that can be cut to size on site rather than being pre-cut at the factory. If the doorway is smaller than anticipated, the screen can be reduced in size during installation by as much as 15.75 inches with no loss of functionality, the supplier states. From Genius Retractable Screen Systems, the new... more »
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    Screens & Screen Components
    The Safety Warning/Tab Corner provides increased fabricator productivity by eliminating the need to place adhesive safety warning labels on screens. Cost and additional time savings are found by no longer having to worry about ordering or inventory of rolled adhesive safety warning labels. The corner tabs also eliminate the need to determine the specific location of older style pull/lift tabs on... more »
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    Screens & Screen Components
    BetterVue insect screening for windows, doors and porches is an excellent visibility insect screen designed to maximize the outward view from the home, the supplier states. From Phifer Inc., the mesh is woven from small, refined yarns that improve the screen’s openness, making visibility sharper and more brilliant. Although the fiberglass screen also provides enhanced light transmittance... more »
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    Screen and Storm Products
    Responding to the growing demand for opening glass wall systems, Phantom Screens has expanded its line to include the Infinity and Distinction retractable screens, in addition to its Executive motorized screens for oversized applications. Manufactured by Seiki Screen Systems of Japan, the world’s largest manufacturer of retractable screens, Distinction Screens enhance the outdoor/indoor... more »
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    Bristol Swing N’ Slide sliders are designed to provide absolute ease in operation and cleaning. A unique hardware system allows the window sash to slide left and right, as well as swinging-in for easy cleaning, the manufacturer notes. Multiple tandem roller mechanisms allow even large sash to slide effortlessly, it is noted. From Winchester Industries, the sliders feature a dual-frame... more »