• Door & Window Hardware
    Roto’s new Corner Drive hardware for casement and awning windows provides performance, security, sales and marketing benefits to window manufacturers, the company reports. The hardware offers enhanced air, water and structural test performance by adding the corner drive parts to a standard lock bar. It also provides a consistent and integrated lock point 3 inches from the opposite-hinge... more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    Renolit Exofol FX from American Renolit adds a broad range of colors with metallic finishes to the company’s film product line. This metallic range of finishes includes architectural bronze and other anodized type finishes, silver and aluminum, copper, black and more. The scratch-resistant surface emboss of this range is available with either a smooth stipple or an etched type finish for a... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Fenzi North America added Fenzi Poliver Polyurethane to its line of insulating glass sealants. The two-part polyurethane is available in 55-gallon drum and pail kits, for manual and robotic line sealing in traditional polyurethane viscosities and varying cure times. Fenzi also added Chromatech and Chromatech Ultra Stainless Steel warm-edge spacers for distribution, manufactured by Roll Tech, a... more »
  • Specialty Fabrication
    AquaSurTech showcases its Powered Painting Machine, designed to reduce investment and operating costs. The machine has a smaller paint line footprint and does not require an air makeup unit. Its painting application section uses up to three spray guns depending on the complexity of the profile, and moves the profile through at a controlled rate. The machine’s spray area reduces overspray... more »
  • Windows
    Two new systems from Quanex include the Mikron C3-11300 AW-Rated Window System and the MikronWood Thermal Advantage Window System. The company also features products from its established line of fenestration solutions, including Edgetherm. Quanex Building Products’ experts can discuss the latest NAFS-08 regulations and how Quanex can help them meet these codes. more »
  • Windows
    The R-Maxx 3600 Rigid Cellular PVC Hybrid window system from Skyreach L&S Extrusions incorporates rigid foam fused to cellular PVC in the interior walls to provide resistance to heat loss while achieving high R-value and low U-value, according to Skyreach. Because the entire extrusion is fabricated using the same material, R-Maxx is robust and 100 percent recyclable. The design allows for... more »