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    Glass & IG Components
    Super Spacer nXt, the latest generation of Edgetech I.G.’s warm-edge spacer product, has been enhanced, as it is now engineered with a unique hybrid desiccated elastomeric foam technology, proprietary core and pre-applied side adhesive that can reduce IG production time and energy usage by up to 40 percent. Super Spacer nXt is recyclable because the materials used can be melted down and... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    The Multi-Point Astragal from Endura Products incorporates a three-point locking mechanism, eliminating the need for a multipoint lock in the active panel of a door. The astragal enables the builder or homeowner to select any standard lock and deadbolt and still have the features of a multipoint system, including preventing deflection, extra sealing of the panel, and expanded security. From the... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    Added to the PrefSuite family of software products, PrefMoms (manufacturing operational monitoring system) can capture employee assignments to tasks, projects, and operational zones on the plant floor. The captured data is used for plan versus actual comparisons and cost tracking which in turn improves manufacturing productivity. The real-time data capture can provide the foundation for the... more »
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    Door & Window Hardware
    The Genius mechatronic multi-locking system makes locking and unlocking of building entry doors convenient, as well as secure. From KFV, a subsidiary of Siegenia-Aubi, the lock can be operated by remote control. It is even possible to open and lock it by fingerprint, the supplier notes. A bolt and bolt-swivel-hook locking mechanism provides effective protection for any entry door. In addition to... more »
  • Windows
    Golden Windows Ltd., the Canadian manufacturer of wood, clad and vinyl windows, has substantially reorganized its Web site to provide customers with more information regarding the company and its products with a simpler, more effective way to access the information and services that they need. The site now offers specific information about all of their products and various product lines, with two... more »
  • Patio Doors
    WinDoor Inc.’s new 7000 series sliding glass door system has been tested and certified to be able to offer unlimited panel configurations, and quantities of panels, in any given opening to meet the needs of customers that truly want a custom door set-up. This product was designed to supply the needs for the mid- to high-end new and replacement sliding glass door market, offering a true... more »