• Door & Window Hardware
    Interlock showcases its latest HS Portal that is specifically developed for effortless movement of large-scale sliding patio doors. This line of European lift & slide hardware for wood, vinyl and aluminum applications can move a 40-foot-wide panel in one operation, ensuring that homeowners can safely operate sash weights up to 880 pounds, according to the company. more »
  • GED Integrated Solutions offers the RoboClean Twin-Head Vinyl Corner Cleaning System. This 12-axis robotic machine, with infinite axis possibilities, provides complete corner cleaning with no need for touch ups; consistent, repeatable movements; and presentation of tools at unique and previously unattainable angles, according to GED. RoboClean is fully enclosed and self-contained with minimal... more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    The di-Series Constant Force Balance System from John Evans’ Sons provides for a quiet and tighter fitting sash, the company reports. The balance utilizes AAMA-qualified springs; requires low operating force; features strong tight-tolerance springs, pivot bar and positive brake force; and allows for a substantial reduction of on-hand inventory with smaller space requirements, the... more »
  • Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    Erdman Automation Corp. presents its Parallel Process High Speed IG Line, designed to produce 1,400 or more insulating glass units per shift, with only three to four operators. The Parallel Process Line derives its name from its process of shuttling the top lite to a back lane, which runs the two glass lites parallel to each other. This, as well as other enhancements, increases speed over other... more »
  • Patio Doors
    Royal Building Products offers the Orchestra Patio Door, available in a variety of configurations and models. The sturdy multi-chamber all-vinyl frame provides thermal performance and minimal maintenance, according to the company. Orchestra is Energy Star qualified and achieves a LC-PG60 performance rating. Frames are 7 ¼ inches deep to accommodate 2-inch by 6-inch wall construction;... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Amesbury Truth Hardware’s new SafeGard window opening control device meets the requirements of ASTM F2090-10, the supplier reports. The reliable, easy-to-install and easy-to-operate device limits the window venting area to less than 4 inches when the window is initially opened. Users can then perform an additional operation without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge to fully open... more »