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    The ThermaProof line of energy-saving windows for both commercial and residential construction from Serious Materials offer full-frame R-values of R-5 to R-11, the company reports. The windows  combine an AlpenGlass+ insulating glass package with fully-insulated framing for the highest insulation performance across the entire unit, not just measured at center of glass, according to... more »
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    Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    A new stiffener is made of an extruded proprietary material with an e-modulus four times that of PVC. Tested in a Chelsea Building Products Trust Series platform window, the stiffener enabled the product to achieve an R-35 rating, the supplier reports. The product can offer cost savings to customers as they can order on same truck as their vinyl, eliminating freight and minimum order quantities... more »
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    Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    The Revolution Xtreme hybrid window system combines a rigid PVC frame with a cellular PVC sash incorporating a fiberglass reinforcement fully integrated into the sash profile to provide superior strength and performance. Mortise and tenon joinery and traditional lift groove provide the traditional look and feel of a wood window. more »
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    Vinyl Extrusions & Related Prod.
    The Rehau System 100 single-hung and picture window and the System 1400 casement and picture window designs are part of its Stormchaser line of impact-rated window products.  System 100 designs have achieved a DP50 rating and can be installed in wind locations up to 140 mph, the supplier reports. The side-load sash window offers enhanced structural characteristics... more »
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    Solace Windows is a new line of fiberglass-reinforced windows from Owens Corning. The line offers specialty remodelers differentiating product enhancements including pink insulation, overall U-factors as low as 0.15, a design pressure 60 structural rating, 17 color combinations, designer glass and more than 25 percent more viewing area than the typical vinyl replacement window, the company... more »
  • Woodworking Equipment
    Stiles E-Tech and Solid Wood Technologies have launched an online moulding profile catalog. Customers can choose from over 11,000 profiles and have templates and custom knives made to order. Searching for a profile has never been easier with the intuitive search function. Users can simply select the type of profile they are looking for and then enter minimum and maximum measurements to view a... more »