• Door & Window Hardware
    Cavity Sliders USA Inc. introduced the CaviLock CL400 Magnetic latching and locking system for interior pocket and sliding doors. The magnetically activated system provides a positive 'hold close' for passage applications and smooth operation in locking configurations. Featuring modern architectural styling, the hardware is available with a range of finishes and is suitable for use on doors... more »
  • Windows
    Hope’s Windows Inc. launched the Landmark175 Series steel window with Thermal Evolution Technology. The technology structurally bonds fiberglass-reinforced polymer liners to fully-welded, hot-rolled, solid steel profiles to meet increasingly stringent energy efficiency standards, the company reports. The Landmark175 can achieve a 0.17 to 0.25 U-factor and a condensation resistance rating of... more »
  • Entry Doors
    GlassCraft Door Co. introduced a laminated veneer lumber method of wood plank door construction. GlassCraft constructs the doors using hundreds of individual long pieces of wood that have been laminated together for strength and durability, similar to a laminated timber beam bonded with durable moisture-resistant structural adhesives, the company reports. The new LVL construction continues... more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    ODL Inc. introduced the Evolve doorglass framing system, engineered to correct problematic scalloping and corner flaring. While a standard screw frame averages 0.05 inch to 0.10 inch of scalloping, Evolve achieves less than 0.005 inch of scalloping due to improved screw-boss locations and glazing materials, the supplier reports. The frame also minimizes corner flare with screw placement and... more »
  • In its 11,000-square-foot booth, Veka will highlight fully developed PVC-U component systems. System portfolios include lift-and-slide doors, thresholds and front door solutions, including a special profile exclusively designed for sash concealing door panels. In addition, fensterbau attendees will be able to explore VEKA’s Partner Network, which not only guarantees fabricators a... more »
  • American Renolit Corp. will display a full range of films for the window and door market, including Renolit Exofol FX high performance, acrylic-based exterior film, Renolit Exofol IN woodgrain film for the interior of PVC windows, andRenolit Exofol MLA films for fingerjointed wood substrates like windows, door jambs, trim and more. The latter is available in several ... more »