• Frame & Sash Equipment
    Upcut Saws from Pat Mooney Inc.’s The Saw Company quickly and accurately saw aluminum extrusions with a burr-free mirror finish. The saw is housed under the worktable and travels up through the piece, promoting safe operation, easy chip removal and a longer blade life, the company reports. Strong 5 horsepower to 7.5 horsepower drive systems enable maximum cutting force and chip removal,... more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    A CNC router from Accurate Tool & Die offers a new optional W axis with precise push through, ideal for patio doors up to 10 feet in height, the company reports. With a 3.25 HP motor, the machine is 261¼2 inches long, 35 inches wide and 83 inches high. Travel on the X-axis is available as an option, as is a fully automated guard enclosure. It features a Windows-based programming... more »
  • prod_haeco_wd0912.jpg
    Glass & IG Processing Equipment
    The Versa-Glaze 1500 is a new wet glazing table suited for specialty shape frames or manufacturers looking for a lower-cost entry into liquid sealants. Introudced by Haeco at GlassBuild America, the machine utilizes linear servo controls to consistently provide a uniform bead of sealant as the operator slides the profile along the smooth-top table. The system is engineered for minimal... more »
  • prod.ged1007.jpg
    Frame & Sash Equipment
    The new line of SmartVinyl production equipment and software incorporates the lean manufacturing capabilities of i-3 Technology. The line is part of GED Integrated Solutions’ vision of a SmartPlant, integrating glass and vinyl production with LeanNet software solutions to help manufacturers gain control and eliminate confusion on the production floor. The new line features the SmartClean i-... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    New graphical point-and-click modules of the WoodWare System are available in its new Version 6, especially designed for companies that pre-hang doors and handle special order windows, doors, and other millwork products. A configured order entry module allows for point-and-click selection of pictures and options for door units, window units, and other products. A Var-I-Frame configurator allows... more »
  • prod_highmark.jpg
    Door Processing Equipment
    The One-Cut system provides a simplified, 3-step door fit system within existing jambs. Interior and exterior doors are measured, cut and fit within minutes, the company reports. The system includes a door imaging system, custom door machining center and software to ensure the final fit is accurate within 1/64th of an inch. The door imaging system accounts for any variances in the doorjamb,... more »