• prod_Lauren_seals.jpg
    Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Custom design capability for seals and gaskets from Lauren Manufacturing allows for optimum performance and fit with windows, doors and skylights. The company uses the most thermally protective materials and provides them at an affordable cost to provide manufacturers with acompetitive edge for their products. Being a lean manufacturer, Lauren can design products easily integrated into the end... more »
  • prod_masterlock_bump.jpg
    Door & Window Hardware
    The Bumpstop lock employs an innovative design that utilizes a unique reverse rake tapered driver pin, high performance springs and tightly machined cylinder chambers. The lock is designed to resist “lock bumping,” a method of manipulating an in-line pin tumbler cylinder to open that is being used increasingly, according to the supplier. During a bump attempt, this solution prevents... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Block and tackle balance systems have been added to Vision Industries line of window and door hardware. The balances offer “plug and play” installation, the company notes, and can be supplied with a variety of unique components, including locking shoes and drop-in bars. more »
  • prod_premier_xtraflash.jpg
    Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    The XtraFlash Series is a flashing line from Premier Industrial Supply, featuring the company’s “modified butyl-based membrane” and sealants for window and door installation. Complimented by its butyl-based, self-sealing core, the membrane’s woven fabric top face consists of a UV-resistant, heavy-duty woven fabric, making it essentially impervious to tearing, the supplier... more »
  • Glass & IG Components
    Tableau IG is a lightweight composite material designed to offer the elegant look and feel of wrought iron doors and window at a fraction of the cost. From Luna Piena, the material can be crafted to any size, shape or design. The product can be supplied in plain or textured tempered glass insulating units or separately for insulating within a company’s own operations. more »
  • prod_roto_titan_web0918.JPG
    Door & Window Hardware
    The Titan sliding patio door locking system from Roto Frank of America Inc. is available in two-, four- and six-point lock assemblies and meets AAMA specifications. The hardware features an ergonomically designed interior handleset, a mounting base, a latch lever and an exterior pull. All lock assemblies have a mishandling device to prevent damage to the locking hooks when closing the door. In... more »