• Computer Software & Systems
    The Da Vinci Works GridLock Program from Opticut Technology assists with the design and construction of windows that have complex grille configurations. The program allows users to choose from pre-defined window styles, arrange them in the desired configuration, select the style and shape of grilles and then align windows and grilles with adjacent sections. A full scale image is then projected... more »
  • fea_softprod_Cantor.jpg
    Computer Software & Systems
    Cantor ERP software from Albat+Wirsam and Cantor USA connects to all business cells of window and door manufacturing and commercial management, and the Cantor Dealer System serves resellers and dealers. The programs operate on a Microsoft SQL Server platform and feature a fully graphical Windows interface. The ERP software manages order entry, capacity planning and scheduling up to CNC control of... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    BuyDesign selling and configuration software from TDCI is designed to streamline the initial interest-to-order cycle for windows, doors and other customized products. The software offers quote and order support, visual tools to generate interest and attention among customers and tools for designers to specify products. Dealers and customers can use BuyDesign to guide selection, configuration and... more »
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    Glass & IG Components
    Now available in bronze, Technoform's I-Spacer combines thermal performance, condensation resistance and structural rigidity. A unique hybrid design provides superior warm-edge performance, while the spacer also delivers exceptional argon retention, machine-controlled muntin locations and aesthetically pleasing sightlines, the company reports . Other standard colors include white, light gray and... more »
  • prod.ig.azon.jpg
    Glass & IG Components
    The new brochure from Azon USA Inc., "A guide to Azon energy-saving technology" provides an introduction to the importance of pour and debridge thermal barriers and examines the construction of the most efficient aluminum window. Technology highlighted in the brochure includes the company's thermal barrier and Warm-Light warm-edge insulating glass spacer. Projects incorporating the... more »
  • Glass & IG Components
    Neat glass harnesses the sun's UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless, the manufacturer states. A titanium dioxide layer reacts chemically with the sun's UV rays and causes organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. A thin layer of silicon dioxide makes Neat glass exceptionally smooth and hydrophilic, much smoother than ordinary... more »