• Entry Doors
    Offered in oak, cherry, mahogany and fir grains, Timberline Deluxe fiberglass doors feature 4-inch lock and hinge stiles for strength and composite top and bottom rails to keep moisture out. From Taylor Building Products, the doors also incorporate the manufacturer's original adjustable hinge plate system that allows the door to be moved up or down and in or out for a tight weatherseal, it notes... more »
  • Patio Doors
    The Overture folding door series from Royal Building Products features a slimline design to provide maximum viewing areas, and numerous design options to maximize living space, the manufacturer states. A variety of multi-panel configurations are available, ranging from center opening to side openings. Doors are constructed with all-welded sash and metal-reinforced vinyl profiles for sturdiness... more »
  • Windows
    An addition to Windsor Windows & Doors' vinyl line, Next Dimension Classic products combine traditional sightlines with smooth operation, convenience and commercially-rated performance, the manufacturer states. Features normally associated with higher-priced products, such as sloped sill and tilt cleaning, are standard. An optional putty profile simulated divided lite presents a similar... more »
  • Installation & Trim
    An aerosol caulk tooling aid, Caulk-EZ, enables users to achieve a perfect bead of caulk in a fraction of the time and without the mess, the supplier claims.  The product is sprayed on after a bead of caulk is applied.  The bead can be wiped smooth, with the product preventing excess caulk from sticking to either fingers or to adjacent surfaces, the company states. From Caulk-EZ, the... more »
  • Windows
    Expanding on its product line integrating extruded aluminum, vinyl and wood, Hurd Windows & Doors now offers the H3 double hung, designed to provide improved energy efficiency, enhanced performance, appealing aesthetics, easy installation and an extreme seal. An option-rich, mid-priced double hung, the window incorporates a concealed wood jambliner and easy-tilt operation for effortless... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Energy performance requirements, demands for storm protection and the trend toward larger windows have pushed the envelope on what standard duty concealed casement hinges can handle. Capable of supporting a 140 pound sash, the new High Performance Hinge allows manufacturers to use triple pane and laminated glass packages in larger casement windows to meet these demands for increased window... more »