• Vinyl Fabricating Equipment
    Designed for recycling processes, the new Spektrum BW entry-level grayscale sorter from S+S Inspection removes dark or light fractions from bulk materials in a fully automated process. When the machine identifies material that is too dark or too light, ejection nozzles activate to blow out the contaminant without any interruption to the material flow. The machine can handle throughputs of up to... more »
  • Door Processing Equipment
    The computer-controlled three-axis gantry router from Techno CNC Router Systems cuts according to instructions from a CNC programming package called Mastercam. The table has a positioning accuracy of +.1mm (+0.004) in a 300 mm and a repeatability of +0.01 mm. The anti-backlash ball screws permit play-free motion to produce circles accurate to the 0.0005-inch machine resolution, and make it... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    Windowmaker OnDemand is a Web-based software solution from Windowmaker Software Ltd that provides full access to the company’s Windowseller program from any internet-enabled PC. The software contains all the features of Windowseller with easy order transfer into the existing system. more »
  • prod_northsafety_dynama.jpg
    Computer Software & Systems
    The new NorthFlex NFDS16 C5 Dyneema Sleeve from North Safety Products provides cut level 5 protection. The sleeve is form fitting to keep out of the way and tear resistant to reduce snag hazards. It is made of a Dyneema/fiberglass blend that vents heat to remain cool to the touch. The sleeve is gray and can be dry-cleaned. more »
  • Door Processing Equipment
    The DW 800 Horizontal Bore, Glue, and Dowel machine from Delmac Machinery Group drills, glues and inserts dowels into rails for doors. The numerically controlled machine is equipped with a heavy-duty drill that blows compressed air to clear dust from the hole. Double clamps hold rails horizontally for edge drilling and doweling. The high-pressure glue injection system provides an electronically... more »
  • prod_canntec_FOF.jpg
    Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    A film-over-foam option from CannTec adapts to the company’s current Orbital Stretch Wrapper models. For long parts such as anodized aluminum extrusions that are easily scratched, the first layer of soft polyethylene foam adds an extra soft cushion, which is then over-wrapped by a tough-skin of standard pre-stretched clear stretch film. The stretch film process uses no heat or ovens and... more »