• Door & Window Hardware
    Endura’s Trilennium Multi-Point Locking System is reportedly backed by the industry's highest ratings for structural and forced entry performance. It features three bolts that cannot be compromised once activated and reportedly pull the door into perfect alignment. Each bolt engages even when the lock is not activated, which is said to fight panel warp. I-Beam technology reportedly delivers... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Today’s high performance window and door designs MUST reduce air infiltration. The EPA continues to increase energy star-rated window performance requirements. Our industry needs solutions to meet these stringent standards. Ultrafab offers high performance pile products that reduce air infiltration through its expanded line of TRI-FIN Pile Seals. The company reports that tests show an average... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    The E-LON door seal by AmesburyTruth, on display at WinDoor North America, offers a unique design combined with a Foam-Tite thermoplastic elastomer material. Hollow spaces are designed into the profile to allow the closed-cell foam to compress more easily while optimizing the compression load deflection. E-LON has been designed to mimic the closing force of other door weather-strip products, a... more »
  • Other Products & Services
    CLEB laboratory Inc. offers laboratory, field testing and thermal modeling of windows, curtain walls and building envelope assemblies. It is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, the Canadian Standards Association, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council and is recognized by the Canadian Construction Materials Center and the... more »
  • Computer Software & Systems
    Windowmaker Express allows its users to take control of all the elements of making a sale, according to Windowmaker Software Ltd., from creating a quotation to the point of invoicing. It is said to quickly calculate quotations with precise figures based on the actual profile and material usage, and is designed to reduce profile stock wastage as it optimizes the cutting sequence. With inventory... more »
  • Frame & Sash Equipment
    AquaSurTech International Ltd. offers a proprietary high-performance resin technology that incorporates heat-reflective pigment technology and has experience in applying coatings to PVC and composite substrates. On display at WinDoor North America, the LH1100 was designed specifically for use with AquaSurTech OEM’s D200 paint formulation and is also capable of coating PVC window boxes and... more »