• Computer Software & Systems
    Klaes will display software solutions for window, door, façade and conservatory businesses of all sizes. Products include straightforward and flexible solutions for component trading to highly integrated and continuous enterprise resource planning solutions for industrial production. Klaes premium, Klaes professional, Klaes vario, Klaes trade, Klaes 3D and “A PLUS for everyone,” are... more »
  • Specialty Fabrication
    J&S Machine will display models from the CRM12 and CR13-R series of profile bending machines from 3C-CLOMEA in Las Vegas. The CRM12 is set up in a pyramidal configuration, while the CR13-R is set up in a double-pinch configuration. Both series are well-suited for bending aluminum profiles and can be set up to run in either a horizontal plane to use support tables or a vertical plane to save... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Lamatek now stocks a gray polyethylene color option for its foam sealing gaskets and tapes. To debut during GlassBuild America 2016, the new gray polyethylene foam provides sealing properties on its own, or married with butyl, to create a superior sealing gasket for windows and doors, the exhibitor reports. The foam gaskets blend well with beige or sand tone vinyl windows.The 1/16-inch thick gray... more »
  • Other Products & Services
    Fortiva Retail Credit offers financing solutions so that customers can secure products and services the same day. Fortiva provides an easy and paperless online process, and the highest approval rates possible throughout the prime, near prime and subprime credit segments, the GlassBuild America exhibitor reports. With 20 years of underwriting experience and having funded over $25 billion in... more »
  • Weatherseals, Sealants & Related
    Lauren Manufacturing will introduce a variety of standard products and custom solutions for the curtain wall, storefront, and residential window and door market. These offerings will include rainscreen gaskets, glazing seals, entry door and threshold seals, and more. Lauren will also feature parts from engineered materials including high performance EPDM and silicone. A window and door... more »
  • Shipping, Handling & Packaging
    LCS Precision Molding added a new interior door skid, the SIF36, to its Secure-It-Fast line of protective door packaging solutions. The new SIF36 Interior Door Skid is designed to protect the jamb and brick mold from bottom and side damage. This skid can replace corrugated plastic, at a lower cost, the exhibitor reports. The door skid will be available in two sizes later this year. Booth #236 more »