• Glass & IG Components
    Sungate 460 passive low-E glass gives window makers a path to achieve overall window 0.30 U-values and an SHGC larger than 0.42 in order to meet Energy Star v6 standards. Designed for heating-dominated climates, Sungate 460 glass permits solar energy to enter the home, then traps the re-radiated solar energy and combines it with furnace heat to maximize insulating performance and reduce furnace-... more »
  • Windows
    Designed to serve the remodeling and replacement market, EnergyQuest Window & Door System provides OEM customers a system that offers performance and aesthetic features that meet Energy Star v6 criteria and DP-50 residential structural ratings. Available in a variety of configurations, EnergyQuest accommodates either double- or triple-glazed IGUs up to 1 ⅛-inch thick. A smaller frame cross... more »
  • Door & Window Hardware
    Wedge Total Locking System is a full-length locking system that forms a continuous seal between the door edge and jamb, improving the overall performance of the door system, including its security, and replacing deadbolts and multi-point locks. The full-length lock significantly improves energy efficiency, according to the company, which reports that the Wedge TLS continuous seal reduces air... more »
  • Windows
    North Star triple-glazed windows combined with a standard super spacer dramatically reduce condensation and thermal transfer, according to the company, and are available in all products. more »
  • Screen and Storm Products
    Full window Solar Screens come in multiple frame sizes and profiles and with several options in heat control. The company reports it can block up to 90 percent of heat before it hits the glass. Different screens offer varying shading coefficients, depending on the type of window and glass. Solar screen mesh is available in several UV blockage options along with numerous colors. The screens also... more »
  • Installation & Trim
    RWD Extender Trim aids in the finish trimming and weather sealing in replacement applications and comes in most standard colors as well as custom-painted dark colors and wood grains. It comes coiled or in flat stock lengths. The RWD Extender Trim allows for proper sealing and weatherproofing of window and door perimeters and helps prevent air and water intrusion. more »